10 Ways to Exercise without Exercising

A woman carrying towels up stairs

Don’t have the time to go to a gym? There are many ways to stay in shape, and not all of them involve treadmills and cardio. Today we’ll tell you how doing some everyday things can help you exercise when you don’t have an opportunity to get a proper workout.

  1. Clean the house.
    A good thorough cleaning will make you burn off calories as quickly as a morning jog. Put some extra energy behind your every move to combine exercise and a chore. Adding some music will help you enjoy the activity.
  2. Take the stairs.
    Forget about elevators and take the stairs whenever you can. Did you know that a five minute walk up the stairs at your normal pace will burn 227 calories a week? If you jog, you can double this amount! This simple exercise also strengthens your heart, reduces the risk of varicosity, and helps keep your legs toned and beautiful.
  3. Wash your car.
    Car washing is a great physical exercise that will make you lose over 100 calories. It will also provide you with a sparkling clean vehicle you can be proud of. Any car looks good when it’s well-cared for.
  4. Play in the park with your kids.
    Mommies have a great opportunity to enjoy themselves along with their precious children when playing in the park. Chase your little ones, try the swings together, or play some simple ball games. This will not only help you stay in shape, but also get your kids in the habit of being physically active.
  5. Don’t waste your time watching ads.
    Whenever there is an ad break in your favorite show, don’t just sit around on the couch. Get up and do something! Spend this time doing a few simple exercises or simply dancing around your living room.
  6. Whip your garden into shape.
    Gardening is one of the best hobbies in terms of keeping you physically active and mentally satisfied. Weeding, digging, and mowing your lawn are strenuous activities that will make your muscles work hard. Seeing the fruits of your labor in the form of beautiful fruits, vegetables, or flowers will be extremely satisfying.
  7. Have fun with your pets.
    This works especially well for dog owners. However, even if you have fishes, you can do some light exercising by cleaning the aquarium. Playing with your pet is great fun and it keeps you moving. Washing a big dog or a cat that dislikes water is an exercise in itself and can take more energy than a short workout session.
  8. Do some shopping.
    Navigating the crowds, carrying shopping bags, dressing and undressing in the changing rooms, all these things help you burn calories. As long as you don’t eat any unhealthy snacks as you go, shopping can be a great, highly enjoyable exercise.
  9. Go down to the beach.
    The beach is the perfect summer field for exercising. You can play beach volleyball or a dozen other games, swim, surf, or simply build a huge sand castle. Any kind of physical activity is good.
  10. Get an interactive gaming console.
    If you are into games, get yourself one of the new interactive gaming consoles. This way, you will have to stay active while playing.
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