4 Quick Party Makeup Tips

A woman with a party makeup

A girl’s life can be very hectic these days, which makes preparing for a party very difficult. Today we’ll share with you some of our special makeup tips that will allow you to create a stunning image fit for making a lasting impression at any event.

  1. It’s all about shine.
    Applying a tiny bit of shimmer will give your face a party look within a couple of seconds. You won’t even have to change your day-to-day makeup very much as adding some shine will transform it completely. To achieve this effect, you’ll need to apply a bit of luminizing lotion or highlighter (better use the cream or liquid variety for this purpose) to the tops of your cheekbones, inner corners of your eyes, and under your brows. This will give your skin a natural “party” glow.
  2. Draw attention to your eyes.
    Define your eyes with a few light swipes of eyeliner. There is no need for something extra fancy when your skin is already glowing from the shimmer. Draw a thin steady line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner with an ordinary black eye pencil. Keep your hand steady and try to draw right along the lash line in order for the eyeliner to fill the tiny gaps between lashes. When the line is finished, repeat the procedure with a liquid eyeliner. Try to apply it directly over the pencil line, but draw it out a little further extending it about a quarter of an inch past the outer corner of the eye. This will make your eyes “pop out” attractively.
  3. Make your lips delicious.
    Bold bright colors are the best party choices lipstick-wise. A bold lip look is a perfect option for making an impression, and creating it won’t be hard with our simple instructions. First, you need to prepare your lips by applying a tiny bit of balm. Next, apply the lipstick with your fingertip or brush. This will allow you spread the color more evenly. Dab your lips with a paper napkin gently and apply another layer of lipstick. This will not only make the color more vivid but will also ensure that the lipstick holds firm for a few hours. You can complete the look with applying a drop of clear gloss to the middle of your bottom lip. 
    Bold lips are definitely the perfect choice for a quick party makeup because this particular look allows you to “downplay” the rest of your face. You’ll only need to apply a bit of eyeliner and shimmering blush to create a beautiful glowing image that will look amazing under the dance floor lights.
  4. Add a bit of metallic shine.
    If you have the time, you can enhance your party makeup with applying a bit of metallic eye shadow. Creamy products will work best in this case as they are both long-lasting and easy to apply. Just dip your finger into the substance and dab it to the center of your eyelid. Blend it gently towards the corners and you’re done.

Please note that despite the fact that adding a bit of shine transforms even an ordinary office makeup into a look fit for a hot party, you need to be careful not to overdo it. Too much glow will only make your skin look unhealthy. Therefore, focus on one part of your face, either lips or eyes and “mute down” the rest of the makeup. 

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