4 Simple Tips for Perfect Fake Tan

A smiling girl wearing sunglassesCan’t wait for summer to arrive? You can get in the mood for sunshine right now by getting some healthy looking tan. There are plenty of creams and other similar products that will add an attractive bronze hue to your skin.

It’s also nice to know that a fake tan is not only good for your looks, but will also protect your skin when the sun is shining bright and hot.

Unfortunately, far too many girls have had some unpleasant experiences with fake tan products and prefer to stay away from them. However if you follow our 4 simple tips you’ll avoid unpleasant experiences and will be thrilled with the results.

Follow these 4 tips to ensure that your fake tan is not only perfect but also long lasting:

1. Choose the right product for you.
There are dozens of options available on the market today. Girls with dry to normal skin have it easy as any tanning cream includes moisturizer, so it will be a perfect fit. If your skin is oily or very sensitive, you’ll need to search for products developed specifically for your skin type. Tinted gels become more popular than creams today because they are easier to apply and the results last longer.

Another important consideration is color of the tint. If you want to achieve a deep tan look, we recommend you apply several applications of light-to-medium shade. This will make your tan look more natural than simply applying a dark shade product from the start.

2. Prepare properly.
Wash and exfoliate your skin thoroughly. The more even the surface is, the better it will look when covered with tanning cream. To ensure even color, you need to make your skin as smooth as possible everywhere. This also means that you need to remove any unwanted hair a day before you apply the fake tan. A day or so should be enough to reduce the sensitivity of your skin and prevent any irritation from the tanning solution.

After you’ve given yourself a thorough scrub, apply a bit of moisturizer to your knees, ankles, elbows and wrists. This will prevent cream from pooling up in these areas.

3. Apply the product.
Regardless of the type of fake tan product you choose, you should follow a specific pattern when applying it. Do the large areas first (legs, abdomen, back, and arms). Next, start on the parts of your body that will require more work, such as knees, ankles, feet, and neck. If you see that there is too much product in some places, dab the excess with a towel.

To cover hands perfectly, mix the tanning product with a bit of hand cream and massage the altered product into your skin.

4. Make your color last.
Hydration is the key to long-lasting fake tan. You need to stay hydrated both on the inside and on the outside. Drink plenty of water and apply light moisturizer every day. 

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