5 Beauty Scares That Aren’t True

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There are some “awful” stories about various beauty treatments and ingredients that make many girls doubt their choices in the beauty routine. Today we will put some of these “scares” to rest once and for all.

  1. Using makeup causes acne.
    This myth comes from the 1970s when a research team conducted a study using concentrated makeup ingredients applied to rabbit skin. The results of this particular experiment have indeed showed that makeup causes acne. However, actual makeup products don’t contain such high concentrations of the tested ingredients, and the rabbit skin reaction is different from people. These results have been busted many times over since.
    Acne is a complex problem caused by a combination of factors that are mainly internal. In some specific cases, applying makeup on the inflamed skin can cause a negative reaction. However, this can be avoided if you use proper anti-acne treatments and specialized makeup developed for acne-prone skin.
  2. Anti-aging products must contain elastin or collagen.
    This definitely isn’t true. What these products must include are ingredients that trigger the natural production of collagen, like vitamin C in PureLx Premium C Serum. Anti-aging creams and serums should contain antioxidants and hydrating agents that will help protect your skin from the detrimental effects of free radicals, which are the main reason behind aging. Collagen and elastin are ingredients used by some manufacturers, and they are indeed effective. However, they aren’t the only useful ingredients for this kind of products.
  3. Some beauty products can smooth out wrinkles completely.
    Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Aging is a natural process, and it’s inevitable. As you age, your metabolism slows down, and your body loses the ability to produce sufficient amounts of collagen. Well-formulated beauty products can help you undo some of the visible effects of this process, but it’s impossible to stop it completely and revert time.
  4. The more expensive the product, the better it is.
    In reality, the price tag on the product has more to do with the manufacturer’s “ego” than the actual quality of the substance. In the vast majority of case, you pay extra money for the brand name, not for the added effect. Don’t look at the price, look at the ingredients list instead. Find reviews of the people who have used this product to get a better idea of its effects. However, don’t forget that everyone is unique, so a cream that disappointed someone else might fit your personal needs perfectly.
  5. The tingling sensation means that the product helps.
    The truth is the total opposite, as this feeling is a sign of irritation. A good skincare product should make your skin feel silky and smooth, not tingly or sticky. The latter only means that the product doesn’t match your skin type. Tingling, on the other hand, is the alert signal from your brain that indicates irritation. Products like this can cause inflammation that might deal serious damage to your skin. If you don’t see any redness right away, the inflammation may take place deep within your skin, destroying your natural collagen and speeding up the process of aging.
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