5 Common Beauty Lies

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There are so many beauty articles today that finding answers to your questions is easy. However, what do you do when the information you get is contradictory? This happens quite often as many of these sources are created by merchants advertising their wares and there are some texts that are written by people who aren’t proficient in the topic.

Today we highlight 5 most common beauty lies:

  1. You should only buy age-specific products.
    This is a complicated matter as it is true that age affects your skin and that some kinds of products become more necessary when you get older. However, You also need to understand that every person is unique, so why do the sellers of these products claim that ALL women from 35 to 50 or 50+ have the same skin concerns? What about acne and other conditions that aren’t age-related? 
    Truth: Your skin type is the most important factor that must be considered when shopping for skincare products. Age is important, but it is secondary. Don’t look for creams and serums that say “35+” on their label, focus on studying the lists of properties and ingredients instead. When your skin starts losing its ability to generate collagen, you will need to buy creams that will stimulate it and infuse your face with some collagen from the outside. Whether their label says that they are designed for your age group is irrelevant.
  2. You need to buy products with “hypoallergenic” on the label if you have sensitive skin.
    The very term “hypoallergenic” is non-existent. It was conceived by skincare products manufacturers and is used as a marketing tool. However, it has absolutely no meaning when the “science” of these products is concerned. There is no testing method that can determine whether a product is “allergenic” or “hypoallergenic”. Of course, some ingredients are more likely to cause irritation and allergy, like fragrances and alcohol. However, someone with a personal sensitivity to a specific ingredient will develop this kind of reaction even if the ingredient is called hypoallergenic. PERFECTION SPOT ERASER GEL
    Truth: Learn your skin’s reaction to various ingredients and study the labels carefully before buying any product. If you are allergy-prone, you should avoid active and violent ingredients that increase the risk of irritation and inflammation.
  3. Some skincare products create the same “dermal filling” effect as Botox.
    There is no scientific research to prove this claim. Botox injections really can change the structure of your skin to some extent. However, no topical product is capable of creating the same effect.
    Truth: Don’t waste your money on expensive creams that won’t live up to your expectations by default.
  4. “Age spots” are unavoidable.
    First of all, you need to understand that there isn’t such a thing as “age spot”. Skin discolorations can be caused by a variety of reasons, and none of them is the natural process of aging. The most common causes are damage from UV rays (accumulated over the years, so it actually shows up when you age) and post-acne scarring. Clear Acne & Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Solution
    : Any spots on your face are a reason for concern as they might be caused by internal problems (liver disease, etc.). Talk to your doctor and consult a dermatologist regarding the issue. If it’s caused by “cosmetic” reasons, using Perfection Spot Eraser Gel from PureLx will help you get rid of the problem.
  5. You can outgrow acne.
    Unfortunately, this isn’t completely true. In the vast majority of cases, acne is caused by hormonal imbalances that affect us more deeply during puberty. However, women are suspect to hormonal fluctuations throughout their whole lives, so acne may never go away. There are also other factors that affect this disorder.
    Truth: You will need to take proper care of your acne-proneskin regardless of your age. Develop your skincare routine taking specialized anti-acne products into consideration and make sure you always have Clear Acne & Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Solution on hand to start treating a pimple immediately after it appears.
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