5 Festive Makeup Tips to Try This Holiday Season

A woman holding a mirror and applying a lipstick

The holiday season is right behind the corner, so you should start planning your party look. Festive makeup is not easy to apply if you aren’t a pro, so we suggest you practice a few times during the weekend to make sure that you do everything perfectly. Our tips will help you create a stunning look that will make you the queen of the ball.

  1. Glittery lips.
    As far as makeup is concerned, glitter equals party, so you will definitely need lots of it. A dash of glittery gloss on your lips will definitely make you sparkle and draw everyone’s eyes to your beauty. To make your lips look perfect for the party, start with applying a bit of foundation on them. This way, the lipstick will “stick” to your lips better. Next, line your lips with a pencil that matches the color of the lipstick perfectly. With the prep work done, you can move on to applying the lipstick itself. Use a special brush to ensure perfect application. Now you can either add some glitter and cover it with a clear gloss or use a glitter gloss. 
    The only problem with this look is that you’ll need to reapply the lipstick+gloss combination often because there will be a lot of drinking, eating, and probably kissing at the party.
  2. Shimmery base.
    There are many ways to shine. If you don’t want to make your lips the “focal point” of your makeup, you can make your skin glow beautifully by using a bit of shimmer and highlighter. This kind of shine will be subtle, but it will look amazing under the festive lights. There are two ways to give your skin this special glow. You can apply a liquid shimmery primer or use your favorite highlighter. In the latter case, apply the product just below your brow bone, to inner corners of your eyes, and on your cheekbones. Consider using golden-based products to enhance your natural charm.
  3. Bold eyeliner.
    Draw attention to your eyes by sweeping a line of dark eyeliner over the top lid. This accent is so bold, yet elegant, that your overall look will need little else. Professional makeup artists recommend using liquid or gel-based products for this trick. Apply the eyeliner very carefully, starting from the inner corner of your eye and drawing the line outward. Wing it a bit at the very end. In case you don’t feel confident enough yet to draw a perfect line, “draw” tiny dashes along the lash line and connect them carefully. The base eye shadow to go with this look should be shimmery light pink or beige. 
    Remember, if you make your eyes the standout feature of the makeup, your lips should be muted. A nude lipstick with a bit of clear gloss will work best in this case.
  4. Up your blush.
    Applying a blush is a must for a party makeup, and you will need to take it at least a notch higher than you usually do. Create a truly stunning look by mixing complimentary blush colors. First, apply the lighter shade and layer the darker one over it. Check out this post for more blush application tips.
  5. Gray base eye shadow.
    To create a mysterious and truly unforgettable look, you can try playing around with your eye shadows. Use dark gray as your base color, but only apply it on a half of your eyelid, closer to the lashes. Then, layer the matte texture with some glittery purple, gold, silver, or other shade that matches your outfit.
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