5 Tips on How to Tweak Your Anti-Aging Beauty Routine for Summer

A girl touching her faceThe trick to anti-aging summer skin care is that it requires a lot of time, and girls nowadays are so busy that we have little of it. We’ve put together some tips that should help ensure you are well protected without spending too much extra time.

1. Placement matters.
You must always have a sunscreen product within easy reach. At home, place them with the rest of your creams and other products you use every day. This way, you won’t forget about applying sunscreen. You also need to carry a tub of your favorite SPF product in your bag when you go out for a walk, Remember, sunscreen must be reapplied every two hours. Have some in your office so you can apply it if you go out for lunch or decide to walk home.

When you have sunscreen on hand at all times, it will become easier to form a habit of using it on a regular basis.

2. Reschedule your day around the sun.
Sunscreen products are good, but even the best of them aren’t all powerful. UV rays deal a fair amount of damage to your skin even when you take good protective measures. The best way to minimize this damage is to stay out of the sun as much as possible. In order to do this, you will need to make some changes to your schedule.

Please, don’t feel that you have to stay indoors all day long! This will just take the joy out of Summer. However, you need to try and stay out of the sun during the times when it’s most damaging, which means the middle of the day (11 AM – 3 PM).

3. Never part with your sunglasses.
Sunglasses should become your most favorite fashion accessory during summer. Don’t leave your house without them as the damage to your eyes cannot be undone. Sunglasses also protect the finest skin around your eyes, which is why you should choose a type that offers a thorough cover. Designers clearly understand this, so these types of glasses are also most fashionable this season.

Do splurge on your sunglasses, because only the best ones offer proper UV protection to your retina. Look for the glasses with polarized lenses of high quality. Luckily, they are available in a variety of styles, so you will definitely find something to suit your fancy.

4. Sun-proof your wardrobe.
Hats will offer some amount of protection due to their brims. They will also take most of the sun glare you are exposed to and this will protect you from heat stroke. Put your hats next to the door so you don’t forget to grab one on your way out.

Halter tops and low cut shirts are “must have’s” for your summer wardrobe, but don’t forget that your décolletage skin is very tender . Buy some pretty lightweight scarves to cover yourself with when you go out and put them right next to the tops and shirts in your closet.

5. Give yourself a beautiful tan.
No girl can resist the beautiful golden glow of a suntan. Luckily, you don’t have to really stay out in the sun to get it. Nowadays, you can make your skin glow with perfectly safe high quality spray on tan products.

Yes, they need to be reapplied regularly. However, this procedure is much less time consuming than sun tanning the natural way.

Don’t forget that protection from the sun isn’t the only important part of your summer anti-aging routine. The creams and other products you use to slow down the flow of time are essential for your beauty. Perfection Youth Kit Quartet from PureLx will take good care of your skin and ensure there are no signs of wrinkles to be found anywhere on your face.

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