7 Simple Tips to Get Your Body Ready for Summer

A girl measuring her waistSummer is fast approaching and if you want to turn heads when wearing your favorite bikini to the beach, you might need to start working on bringing your body back to top shape. Let’s face it; winter is hardly the best time for upholding your diet. Many of us get a bit loose during the holidays, and it’s just too hard to fight the temptation of a nice cup of tea with a delicious dessert on a cold evening. The results of this lifestyle need to be dealt with right now if you want to look truly stunning in that bikini.

Here is our summer prep tips to get you looking fabulous! :

1. Start exercising to tone up.
Even if the changes caused by winter feasts are hardly noticeable, you will benefit from getting your body “toned up”. Aerobics and jogging are the best exercises for this purpose. Swimming would be a good choice as well but if you don’t feel confident in your body at the moment, it’s best to give the pool a slip for now.
Spring is the perfect time for walks, so you definitely should use every opportunity you get to take a stroll around any park. Smelling the fresh air and fragrance of blooming flowers will fill you with energy to exercise.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.
To get your body bikini ready, you will need vitamins and antioxidants that will make your skin glow with health and beauty. You will also require fiber to help you get rid of any excess pounds you might have accumulated during winter.
Fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you with all these important elements. Add to the fact that they are far more delicious than any candy and you will have a truly perfect diet.

3. Get a good massage.
Massage will stimulate your blood flow, which will definitely have a positive effect on your skin. This magical procedure will also help you relax your sore muscles after exercise. Note that massage will also help to tighten your skin and there are some specialized forms of this procedure that will help you beat cellulite.

4. Exfoliate and moisturize.
You need to cleanse your skin of any remnants of winter by exfoliating every part of your body thoroughly. To make sure that your skin isn’t damaged due to these ministrations, you should moisturize it and provide proper nourishment. The PureLx Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub is ideal exfoliator to use all over your body. The medical grade Aluminum Oxide Crystals are ultra fine so they will not damage even sensitive skin but are excellent at souring away dirt and dead skin cells. Loaded with moisturizer and anti-oxidant minerals and vitamins this cleanser scrub will nourish your skin while it exfoliates!
Your diet changes will ensure that you get enough nutrients to keep your skin glowing with health, and moisturizing will protect you from any damage.

5. Make your feet attractive.
Wearing boots can be hard on your feet. You have to rectify this before you start wearing sandals. Booking a pedicure is an absolute must. It’s best to entrust this task to a professional, as your feet will require much care to get into top shape so that you can display them proudly.

6. Deal with body hair.
Many of us grow complacent during winter months, so a heavy waxing session is in order to get you back into gear. Nowadays, you can also consider some permanent solutions to the body hair issue. Laser hair removal is one of those, but you need to start it now to reap the rewards in time for bikini season!
If you decide to try one of these methods, consult a professional spa with medical staff. to be sure that this procedure will not have any negative side effects on you.

7. Get a tan.
Being white as a sheet used to be considered attractive a few decades ago, but today some healthy bronze hue to your skin is the way to go. Applying a bit of artificial tan will help you make a lasting impression on the beach. This will also help hide some skin imperfections and tone down the look of cellulite as well as the redness that might occur if you stay out in the sun for too long.

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