8 Common Beauty Mistakes

A girl and a lipstickBeing beautiful is something every girl wants and we work very hard to achieve this goal. Alas, some of us get so caught up in following various beauty tips from fancy magazines that all the effort invested in fact can have the opposite effect.

Look at the following list of common beauty mistakes and make sure that you don’t repeat these blunders.

  • Using anti-aging or acne products before facial waxing.
    If you want to remove the unwanted hair from your face by using wax, you need to stop applying any cosmetic products that contain retinoids or glycolics three days before the procedure. These creams and serums are efficient because they speed up your cell turnover rate. However, this makes your skin very tender and increases the risk of severe irritation. Tiny wounds that appear on your face after waxing can become inflamed and lead to some serious problems and even scarring.
  • Conditioning all your hair.
    Applying conditioner on your hair is a smart move as it will protect your locks as well as make it easier to style them.
    Bear in mind that conditioning your roots will have negative effect on your appearance as this will make your hair seem greasy as well as rob your tresses of their natural volume.
  • Not applying a topcoat over your nail polish.
    Foregoing a topcoat may seem like a sensible thing to do when you are in a hurry. However, this can result in your carefully painted nails being chipped. A topcoat is a must if you want your manicure to last. In a perfect case scenario, you should reapply it every evening.
  • Overwashing your face.
    The majority of girls wash their face using some kind of specialized cleansing product at least twice a day. This is a very unwise thing to do, unless you have extremely oily skin.
    Washing removes sebum that protects your skin from damage. Doing this too often makes your face dry and can lead to the appearance of flakes. This also reduces the efficiency of any anti-aging products you use as the dryer your skin, the higher the risk of wrinkles.
  • Wearing shimmery eye shadows.
    Please note that in some cases, shimmer on your eyelids is welcome and can help you create a truly beautiful image. However, as you grow older, the amount of shimmery eye shadows you apply should be reduced because they make wrinkles more visible.
  • Overplucking your eyebrows.
    Shape and color of your eyebrows play a very important part in your image. Your appearance will suffer greatly if you pluck them too thin. Using an eyebrow pencil to fix the situation won’t do you much good as the problem will remain glaringly obvious.
    It will take a while for your eyebrows to grow out again, so you will be stuck with this look for months.
    If you aren’t confident enough in your abilities, it’ll be best to entrust plucking to a professional.
  • Using the wrong kind of foundation.
    The purpose of foundation is to ensure that your look is perfect by making your skin flawless. Should you choose the wrong type of product, the result will be completely opposite. If it doesn’t suit your skin type, you can end up with a “cakey” look because it won’t be absorbed properly. Too light or too dark product will make your face unnaturally different from the rest of your skin.
  • Overusing hair styling products.
    Of course, you will need to use some products to style your hair and ensure that the masterpiece you’ve created looks perfect for many hours. However, do not forget that your locks must look natural even with all those fancy styling products on.
    If your hair is so perfectly fixated that it doesn’t move at all, it will resemble a strange and very unattractive hat. 
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