A Simple Guide to Anti-Blemish Treatment

A girl trying to get rid of her blemishUsing high-quality cosmetic products and maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet will help you keep your skin healthy and glowing. However, no matter how hard you work on it, there is always a risk of some imperfection, like a pimple or a spot, appearing at the most inopportune moment. There are so many reasons that can cause this kind of problem that it’s impossible to control them all. Therefore, the only thing you can do is to get rid of the blemish as quickly as possible.

Today we will offer you our top of anti-blemish solutions as well as some helpful tips that will help you get rid of the nasty spots as quickly as possible.

  • Stick to your skincare routine at all times.
    Prevention is everything when it comes to anti-blemish treatment. If your skin is prone to developing problems, like blackheads or inflamed pores, you have to stick to a rigorous skincare routine. This is the only way to keep the issues at bay. You need to choose the products very carefully and avoid oil and alcohol based cosmetics as they may aggravate the problem. Oil free moisturizing gels such as PureLx Allure Oil Free Moisturizer are ideal for this type of skin Creams and other solutions that contain salicylic acid are the best choice against blemishes. However, they will provide results only if you use them regularly for an extended period of time.
  • Don’t let the dead cells build up.
    Weekly exfoliation is a part of skincare routine that many of us miss for various reasons. Unfortunately, doing this is like inviting blemishes to appear. When dead skin cells and tiny particles of dirt remain stuck inside your pores, they will cause inflammation or turn into blackheads. You can use spot treatment solutions to deal with these problems, but they may leave scars and pigment spots. Removing those will be much more difficult.
    Exfoliate regularly and the problem can be avoided. We might be biased, but the PureLx Perfection Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub is the best exfoliating scrub you will ever try, we guarantee it!
  • Never squeeze the spots!
    For some strange reason, many girls can’t keep their hands off the pimples. This is a huge mistake as squeezing will only make the matters worse in 99% of cases. It damages the skin, which results in scarring. Squeezing the spot also opens the road to infection, which can lead to a full-blown acne breakout. The best way to act when a pimple mars your perfect skin is to cleanse your face carefully and apply an appropriate topical solution. Then, use a concealer to mask the problem. Reapply the treatment as often as necessary. This will remove the problem much faster, even if it doesn’t seem this way at first.
  • Wear sunscreen at all times.
    This is a definite must for your beauty routine regardless of the season. Wearing sunscreen will reduce the risk of blemishes appearing in the first place. If they do appear, this will protect you from pigmentation.
  • Always keep an anti-blemish treatment on hand.
    There must be an anti-spot treatment of some kind in your arsenal regardless of the overall state of your skin. Even if you’ve never had a blemish in your life, you should have one because there is no guarantee that you won’t suddenly develop this nasty imperfection before your next important meeting. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
    Clear Acne & Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Solution from PureLx will help you treat any kind of blemish quickly and without leaving a trace. Note that this is a very important issue. Many times you may get rid of a pimple only to get a pigment spot or a scar in its place. PureLx products treat the source of the problem and prevent scarring. To learn why anti-blemish spot treatments are effective, check out our other post.
  • Cool off for a bit.
    Wrap an ice cube in a piece of clean cloth and hold it over the blemish for about 5 minutes. This will not help the actual treatment much, but this method will help you mask the imperfection more efficiently. The ice will cool the inflamed patch of skin and reduce both redness and swelling.
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