A Simple Guide to Makeup Brushes

Different types of brushes

Do you know why professional makeup artists use brushes to apply makeup? It allows them more accuracy to help completely transform their models’ looks. If you want to learn how to apply makeup like a pro, you will need to stock up on some very specific brushes. We will do our best to help you by explaining which types of brushes you’ll need to use in order to create a perfect image.

  1. Lipstick brush.
    It’s thin, flat, and reasonably soft. You’ll need a lipstick brush for two reasons. Firstly it will help you apply lipstick perfectly, which is especially important if you are doing the makeup for some grand occasion or a photo shoot. Secondly, it will allow you to take the smallest necessary amount of lipstick, so the product will last longer.
  2. Powdered foundation brush.
    If you want your face to look truly flawless, you need powdered foundation and the special soft brush for it. The bristles should be soft so they don’t irritate your skin, and the tip of this brush should be rounded to facilitate better application.
  3. Concealer brush.
    This brush should be flat with bristles made of flexible synthetic fiber. Its tips should be pointed. This will allow you to apply concealer perfectly and blend it seamlessly into your skin.
  4. Contouring brush.
    This is a thick flat ellipse-shaped brush with its bristles usually made of synthetic materials. The shape of the brush is perfect for contouring because it goes directly under your cheekbone. You can use it to apply either cream or powdered contouring products with equal efficiency.
  5. Bronzer brush.
    This brush is short and wide with a large rounded head. It should have natural and soft bristles to improve application of powdered blush or bronzer. Apply the product in circular motions to distribute the product evenly. A bronzer brush can also be used to apply mineral powder.
  6. Eye shadow brush.
    It’s imperative to purchase eyeshadow brushes with bristles made of natural and very soft materials. This will ensure that the tender skin around your eyes doesn’t get damaged. A thin circular brush with long soft bristles will make blending different-colored eyeshadows an easy task.
  7. Eyeliner brush.
    If you use liquid, crème, or gel eyeliner, you definitely need to purchase a special kind of brush. It must be very thin with a pointed end to allow perfect application. Choose a brush that you feel comfortable holding in your hand, as this is necessary for you to be able to draw a perfect line with it. Synthetic bristles work better in this case as they allow for more accurate application.
  8. Brow brush.
    This one is especially important now as bold brows are the latest trend. This brush must be angled so you can use it to give your eyebrows the shape you desire. The bristles should be hard (but not overtly so) and synthetic.

This is the barest minimum of brushes you’ll need. Be sure to practice for a while to learn how to use each of them properly. You can also look up some makeup application tips from pros to improve your skills in this area.

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