Anti-Aging Hand Care Guide: Day and Night

A woman smearing her hands with a cream

The skin on your hands is thin and requires special care, especially considering how much abuse it suffers on a daily basis. Getting a manicure once a week and indulging in some hand spa procedures on occasion is not enough to keep the skin of your hands healthy and soft. Today we will offer you some day and night care tips that will ensure that your beautiful hands stay this way for many years to come.

Day: Protection and Lightening

  • Wear sunscreen all the time.
    Your hands require as much protection from harmful UV rays as your face. It’s imperative to apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen every time before you go outdoors, regardless of the season. Don’t forget that sun radiation is equally dangerous all year round.
  • Wear gloves to protect from the cold.
    Freezing air makes your skin dry and sensitive, so wearing gloves is a must during the cold season. This will not only help you stay warm but will also keep your skin soft. There are specialized winter hand creams, but they aren’t as effective as gloves or mittens. Remember, it’s imperative to have a physical barrier between your hands and snow during winter as playing snowballs can deal a great amount of damage to your skin.
  • Use lightening creams if necessary.
    Brown spots on the skin of your hands are a very common problem caused by exposure to UV radiation. It’s possible to remove them with regular specialized treatment that consists of using an exfoliant and applying lightening creams. In a perfect case scenario, you should reapply the lightening product on the spots every time after washing your hands.
  • Keep your hands hydrated.
    Always wear a tube of moisturizing hand cream and reapply it as often as necessary to ensure your skin stays hydrated and soft. There are many types of creams, essences, and serums available on the market today, so you will have to experiment quite a bit to find the one that fits your skin best. If you work with your hands, consider buying a “heavier” product that provides more nourishment and protection.
  • Use gentle soap.
    Harsh soaps dry your skin and obliterate all the beneficial effects of hand creams. Use gentle hand washes to keep your hands clean without torturing them unnecessarily.

Night: Exfoliation and Nourishment

  • Exfoliate your hands.
    Use the same exfoliant you use on your face to remove all the tiniest particles of dirt and dead skin cells from your hands and make your skin more “receptive” to the final stage of care.
  • Apply an emollient moisturizer.
    Find a moisturizing cream with a rich texture that will provide the skin of your hands with nourishment, hydration, and protection. Note that this product doesn’t have to be a “hand cream”. Try various body creams or even your face cream until you find the formula that works best for you. This product should feel “heavier” than your day cream, but it should be absorbed within 10 minutes. To enhance the effect, you can wear 100% cotton gloves to bed after applying a thick layer of cream.
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