Anti-Aging Products That Work: 4 Steps to Defying Time

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There are so many anti-aging products available today that choosing the ones that will really help you slow down the passage of time for your skin becomes extremely difficult. Many women wonder how many serums, creams, and cleansers they really need to achieve visible results. Today we will help you answer this question by listing four most important products that should be included in your anti-aging beauty routine.

  1. An exfoliant to make your skin glow.
    Removing dead skin cells and traces of dirt and makeup is essential for keeping your skin clean and smooth. Note that exfoliation also is a mandatory step in the treatment of age-spots that are caused by lifelong exposure to sunlight or faded acne scars. Use PureLx Perfection Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub to remove the impurities from your skin and promote cell regeneration. The product contains red tea extract, aluminum oxide crystals, and hyaluronic acid, a mix of ingredients that do not only exfoliate your skin but hydrate it as well, making your face soft and glowing with beauty after every use.
  2. An eye cream to fight “crows feet”.
    The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and sensitive, so it’s no wonder that this is the first place attacked by the time. A web of tiny wrinkles surrounding your eyes is extremely difficult to get rid of, so it’s best to start prevention therapy while you are still in your 20s. Never use your face cream for the area around your eyes as this part of your skin requires special care. Apply the eye cream gently and try to pat it in instead of smoothing the product over the massage lines, like you do with the rest of your beauty products. Aim to do as little “stretching” as possible to reduce physical damage to the area. PureLx Perfection Eye Cream is the best product for this particular purpose. It contains vitamin K as well as a mix of natural botanical peptide extracts that act deeply inside your skin, stimulating circulation and restoring its natural elasticity.
  3. A serum for a power boost.
    Every anti-aging skincare routine requires a powerhouse of a product that has an extremely potent effect. You should apply it once a day in the evening to prevent developing an allergic reaction that may occur when you provide your skin with too much stimulation from active ingredients. The best type of product for this purpose is a serum as its structure is light and it’s easily absorbed by the skin. Premium C Serum from PureLx is an anti-aging elixir that will transform your skin right before your eyes. It contains a mix of the most potent antioxidants that protect your skin from the destructive effects of oxidation, which is the main reason of aging. It’s impossible to stop this natural process completely, but antioxidants can effectively slow down the most detrimental changes caused by free radicals, including the destruction of collagen. As collagen is responsible for maintaining skin structure, its destruction leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E, protect collagen cells and stimulate their production.
  4. A spot treatment for removing imperfections.
    Removing dark spots is possible if you are persistent and use a specialized product that will target them specifically, like Perfection Spot Eraser Gel
    from PureLx. This product includes a variety of organic and natural ingredients that inhibit the production of melatonin, literally erasing the problem spots from your beautiful face. The effect is potent but the product also contains soothing and hydrating ingredients to prevent irritation. 
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