Bad Beauty Habits You Need to Break

A girl with smudged makeupEvery girl is born beautiful, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to take care of your appearance. If you want to make sure that your wonderful looks stay with you for years to come, you will need to lead a healthy lifestyle and make use various specialized skincare products.

You also shouldn’t forget that there are things you must avoid doing at all costs as they will have a profound negative effect on your appearance. The following list includes bad beauty habits that many of us have. It’s imperative that you quit them as soon as possible. Remember, it’s always easier to maintain your natural beauty than to restore it.

  • Spot squeezing.
    This is probably the worst skin care habit one could have. Nowadays, there are dozens of high quality spot treatment products, like Clear Anti Blemish Spot Treatment Solution by PureLx. It’s these specialized treatments that you should use in order to get rid of any blemishes on your skin quickly and efficiently. This way, you will not only remove the imperfection, but ensure that it doesn’t leave any marks behind. When you squeeze a pimple, you risk leaving a scar. The tiny wound also runs the risk of being infected. In the end, this can result in your whole face suffering from an onslaught of furuncles.
  • Over plucking your eyebrows.
    Well-groomed eyebrows can go a long way in giving you movie star looks. Nothing can be worse for your eyebrows than being over plucked. You simply cannot add the hairs that aren’t there and fix the situation. Eyebrow pencil won’t do you any good in this case as the problem will be clearly visible no matter what.
    The worst thing is that you will stunt your eyebrows’ growth if you over pluck them regularly. Therefore, you may have to wait for months in order for them to recover.
    If you don’t feel confident enough to groom your eyebrows on your own, go to a salon or watch some video lessons.
  • Cuticle picking.
    The beauty of your hands is no less important than your face, so you have to make sure they are well manicured and cared for. If you happen to have a loose cuticle, do not pick on it! This way, you risk wounding yourself. There are always some bacteria on your hands and the risk of the getting an infection is very high.
    When you have a loose cuticle, cut it carefully with sterilized manicure scissors and then gently rub some vitamin E oil into your nails and cuticles to soften the tissue and prevent any further damage.
  • Taking very hot showers.
    This may be a pleasant pastime, but your skin suffers a lot of damage from hot water. It gets very dry and can start cracking. Do not forget that dryness takes you closer to wrinkles as your skin requires naturally produced sebum to moisturize it and prevent damage from the environment.
  • Not washing your makeup brushes.
    Makeup brushes are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. It’s imperative to clean them once every two weeks at the very least. If your skin is sensitive or you suffer from some kind of disorder, like acne, you need to wash your brushes with warm water and mild soap every week.
  • Spraying dry shampoo on your scalp.
    Dry shampoo can be very handy in certain situations, but you must never apply it on your scalp. This will leave you with a flaky mess, which will look like a bad case of dandruff. 
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