Beauty Rehab: Post-Holiday Tips

Once in a while it’s okay to just let go, especially during the holidays, and have the time of your life. However, neither your health, nor your appearance will appreciate the after-effects. This is why takeing some special care of yourself after the season of parties is a must.

Here are some tips that will help you restore your beauty quickly and make sure that you look truly stunning when you’re back to the daily grind:

  • A woman applying a face maskCleanse your skin.
    Your face definitely requires a thorough deep cleansing after all the party makeup, holiday food and alcohol. You can splurge with a visit to a salon or better yet do it at home. Do make sure to use specialized “industrial power” cleansers when doing it at home. It’s best to purchase a product that has additional detoxifying effect like our PureLx Perfection Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub as impacts of toxins in the system are highly visible on the face.
    Cleanse your face regularly in order to maintain a healthy glow.
  • Start a full body detox program.
    It’s not only your face that suffers from toxins, heavy foods and alcohol overconsumption. A post-holiday detox is a wonderful way to reduce the damage dealt by a few weeks’ worth of unhealthy lifestyle. This will also help you shed some of the weight you might have gained over the holidays and get your digestive system back to top shape.
  • Pamper your hands.
    Cooking the wonderful holiday feasts, cleaning after your guests and changing nail polish to go with every cocktail dress is extremely taxing on your hands. You definitely owe your hard working hands a thorough pampering session that should include a special bath with scented salts and essential oils. You can use the PureLx Perfection Cleanser mentioned above on your hand too to scrub away dead skin cells and nourish your hands with some rich cream.
    Take special care of your cuticles as they may become too dry due to the rough treatment. Coconut oil will do wonders for your cuticles!
  • “Wake” your hair.
    All the styling that your locks have been put through over the holidays is extremely taxing and damaging on the hair follicles which contributes to dull appearance and brittle hair. The first thing you should do in this situation is to “wake it up”. You use aspirin to get over the pains of hangover, right? The same thing can help your locks. Crush a couple of aspirins and add the powder to your shampoo. The effect will be most stunning.
    If your hair is in dire straights, consider using some specialized masks. For a time being style your hair less to let it recover and be sure to keep your hair well conditioned as winter air dries your locks very fast.
  • Get yourself a sleep mask.
    Black circles under your eyes are a given when there’s lack of sleep. They are hardly appealing, so you should deal with them quickly. The best solution is using a specialized sleep mask. They vary from a simple piece of black silk to various “cooling” masks that prevent formation of bags under your eyes. Sleep masks engulf you in pure darkness which often helps you sleep better and allows your eyes to relax more. As a result, you will have a truly bright look in the morning. Search for a mask like this online as internet shops usually offer the best prices.
    You also need to get a good cream that will protect the extremely sensitive skin around your eyes from premature aging. The PureLx Perfection Eye Cream is the ideal go to product.
    Be sure to use mild makeup removers and be very gentle when working on this particular area. Any mechanical damage can have some very unpleasant consequences for your overall appearance.

Post-holiday beauty rehab is a complex process but it does deliver results. In a perfect case scenario, its best to minimize or better yet avoid prolonged festivities, but that’s no fun either. With our holiday beauty tips you will become the queen of any party.

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