Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin

A girl and bubblesIf your skin is sensitive, it gets irritated easily. This means that it requires very gentle care and some specialized products. Please note that regardless of the markings on the label, you may still develop an allergic reaction to a cream or serum. This is why it’s imperative to always test a new product before applying it to your face. To do this, apply a bit of the product behind your ear and next to your eye. If neither redness nor itchiness occur within the next 24 hours, you should be safe.

Follow these important tips to help you take good care of your sensitive skin:

  • Wash your face carefully.
    Use only some gentle cleansers formulated specifically to minimizeirritation. Note that despite the fact that the product needs to be gentle, it shouldn’t be too “weak”. Otherwise, you will end up scrubbing your face too much which can be damaging and irritating to your sensitive skin.
    Do not wash sensitive skin too often. If your level of sensitivity is super high, you can skip morning cleansing altogether and only use a toner to remove the grime that accumulates on your face throughout the night.
  • Moisturize vigilantly.
    Apply a antioxidant rich moisturizer immediately after cleansing to maximize the absorptions rate. You must use moisturizing products at least twice a day to ensure that your skin is well-protected against pollution and assault.
  • Choose minimalism.
    Sometimes, your skin can get irritated simply because you use too many products and it gets overwhelmed. Minimize the number of “solutions” you use. The must have products for sensitive skin are a gentle yet effective cleanser, oil-based makeup remover, toner, vitamin and antioxidant rich moisturizer and eye cream, and always use sunscreen.
  • Always use sunscreen.
    Sensitive skin requires double the protection from the environmental damage, especially UV rays, than normal skin does. This means that you should never leave your home without a sunscreen on. Take it with you and reapply during the day if you need to spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • Choose your makeup smartly.
    You will need to be very careful when choosing your cosmetics as these products aren’t as easy to test on yourself as creams.
  • - Try to avoid using foundation at all, and if you do, choose the lightest type there is. BB and CC creams designed specifically for sensitive skin will be the best choices in this case. However, you shouldn’t overindulge in them either.

    - Use mineral powder as it is free of artificial dyes and other dangerous chemicals. It’s also finer than ordinary powder. 

    - Do not use waterproof mascara unless it’s absolutely necessary. It will require harsher products to remove and can irritate your eyes and the skin around them due to the chemicals that make it waterproof. 

    - Choose pencil eyeliner over the liquid ones. The latter type usually contains silicone and other chemicals that can cause allergic reactions.

  • Keep track of expiration dates.
    Do not ever use any cosmetic products past their expiration date. You will also need to clean all your brushes thoroughly at least once a week, because they accumulate harmful bacteria.

Remember to lead a healthy lifestyle as sensitive skin is not only sensitive to external damage. Any kind of inner discomfort can result in a nasty rash, so be aware of your diet as well. 

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