Can Detox Enhance Your Beauty?

A beautyful girl with vegetablesDetox can be a tremendous help for you, right? It seems that every beauty and health website advertises detoxification as a miracle cure for a great number of issues. But is this really true?

We’ll try to help you understand this and determine whether a detox program is something you really should try. First of all, you need to understand why exactly you need to get the toxins out of your body and how they get inside you in the first place.

Toxins are heavy chemicals that poison your body from within affecting every process and organ to some extent. The quantities of these nasty elements that get into your bloodstream are small, so you don’t suffer the symptoms of acute poisoning. However, over extended periods of time, their detrimental effect erodes your natural defenses and increases the risk of many diseases.

Some toxins are more poisonous than others. Therefore, people who live in polluted areas suffer more negative side effects. This is the reason why there are laws against environmental pollution and work with poisonous chemicals is regulated by strict rules. However, the people who come into contact with toxins because of their work or location aren’t the only ones who need a detox. In fact, the amounts of nasty chems in their bodies is so large that they need much more than a few weeks of diet to remove them. The bad news is the fact that toxins are everywhere. They are in the air we breathe, which is polluted by gases, they are in the water, and even in your food, which is grown on the land poisoned by fertilizers and other chemicals.

When you consider this, it becomes obvious that everyone will benefit from a regular detox. Removing all these poisonous chemicals from your body will reflect on your wellbeing as a whole. You’ll feel lighter and your immune system will get much stronger. This, in turn, will reflect on your looks and your skin will definitely become more beautiful.

How Should I Detox?

Some people argue that detox programs do you more harm than good as they remove “good” bacteria along with the “bad”. Your digestive tract (the main focus of any detoxification program) must contain some amount of specific bacteria to ensure that nutrients are processed properly. In addition, there is a matter of self-cleansing that must be considered as human bodies are designed to rid themselves of harmful chemicals.

The problem with the self-cleansing function is the fact that the natural detoxification rate cannot keep up with the speed of toxins accumulating in your body. As environmental pollution became a very serious issue all over the world, the vast majority of people lost the chance to remove the poisonous chemicals from their systems effectively. There are just too many nasty substances around us today.

As far as bacteria are concerned, it really is true that a good detox will flush them from your body. However, this matter is easily rectified with some high quality supplements. Probiotic Advantage by Quality Nature will return a healthy amount of “good” bacteria into your intestines in a matter of days and will get your digestive system running more efficiently than it did before.

Now that you understand why detox is necessary, you will start to wonder how to go about it in the best way. We’ve already discussed an efficient detoxification plan in one of our previous posts. Check it out to learn more.

Today we will also offer you a few effective anti-acne detox tips:

  1. Stop feeding your body more toxins.
    You cannot stop the influx of toxins 100%, but it is within your power to reduce their amount. Avoid alcohol, nicotine, foods full of synthetic chemicals, and non-organic cosmetics.
  2. Do a colon cleanse.
    Toxins that accumulate in your colon are often directly responsible for acne breakouts. Use Colon Healthy Cleanser by Quality Nature to remove the chemicals from your body in a safe and efficient manner.
  3. Drink more water.
    This will help flush the toxins.
  4. Use natural acne treatments and detoxifying masks.
    Clay-based masks will remove the toxins quickly. Natural creams and homemade remedies will heal the inflamed pimples without poisoning your skin further.
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