Celebrity Hairstyle Ideas for the Holiday Season 2015

Actress and model Cara Delevingne with a ponytail

Life today gets so busy that we hardly have the time for ourselves, so the preparations for a holiday celebration are usually rushed. Luckily, the days of elaborate hairdos are long gone and celebrities demonstrate that the leading trends of this holiday season are “messy” and “natural” looks that can be achieved within a few minutes if you use the right tools.

Today we want to share some of the holiday hairstyle ideas we borrowed from the celebrities:

  • Ponytail.
    Gabrielle Union, Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen, and Gwyneth Paltrow advocate ponytails as the best party hairdo. You can go with the classic style or make your ponytail more interesting by tying it with a ribbon that matches the color of your dress. Straightening your locks to perfection or creating soft waves before arranging them into this hairstyle will help make your ponytail more in tune with your outfit. If you want to go for something more glamorous, arrange your bangs in a retro-style finger wave.
  • Short and messy.
    If you favor short hair, get a pixie haircut, take a bit of gel or hair wax, and mess up your locks artfully. The look you’ll create is incredibly fetching, as is proven by Kate Mara. This style may be a bit boyish, but there is no denying the fact that it rocks, and so will you at this New Year’s party.
  • Soft romantic curls.
    Allison Williams, Blake Lively, and Kate Beckinsale show us that perfect curls will never get old. Curling your locks and simply letting them flow over your back will make you look stunning. Wear the barest minimum of makeup as your gorgeous hair will be more than enough to draw everyone’s eyes to you.
    If you have the time, you can get perfect ringlets by setting your locks in pin curls overnight. Girls in a hurry can get the same stunning look in as little as 30 minutes by using hot rollers.
  • Classic chignon.
    This hairdo will require some practice on your part, but it will look incredibly elegant as is proven by Kate Middleton and Carey Mulligan. In the best case, you should ask your friend to help you arrange your hair in an attractive chignon. However, a couple of mirrors and a dozen pins will do if you are in a rush. Just wind your hair around your nape and pin it randomly, creating a unique elegant design.
  • Top-knot.
    Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna wear top-knots to red carpet events and look stunning at it. This kind of hairdo won’t be ruined by a scarf and can easily survive the cold commute to your party destination. If the tight knot gets a bit loose, don’t fret, messy top-knots are just as popular and will give you a more natural look.
  • Flashy hair decors.
    You can arrange your locks into any simple hairdo and transform your look to one befitting of a princess with a single accessory. Large fabric flowers that almost seem gaudy but match your dress perfectly and netted veils are the leading trends of the 2015 winter holiday season, as is shown by Georgia May Jagger and Lily Collins respectively. Study your outfit and look for an accessory that will be a perfect match. This way, you can go from a regular office hairstyle to party mode in less than 5 minutes.
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