Color Your Hair at Home: Simple Guide

A girl coloring her hairNowadays, we have the means to change our hair color to our liking. Using hair dyes will help you create an image you’ve dreamed about. However, there are a few things to consider before you take the plunge and start coloring your hair.

The first consideration is price. Dyeing your tresses in a salon will cost quite a bit, especially considering the frequency of the required visits. You will need to color the roots at least once every four to six weeks t. This will be both expensive and rather inconvenient for the girls who have busy schedules. The best way to solve this problem is to color your hair at home. This will be much cheaper and will take only a little bit of your time.

Turning your bathroom into a hair salon once every few weeks might seem like the perfect solution, but this can lead to various problems. Many of us have some personal experience with bad dye jobs at home. The most common issues that might occur are:

  • Wrong hair color
  • Severely damaged hair
  • Uneven color distribution

Today, we will offer you some at-home hair coloring tips that will help you avoid all these problems and make your locks shiny and beautiful stat.

Stage 1: Preparation

Half of your success will depend on proper preparation. Always start with choosing the right hair color for you. Consider your natural color and look for hair dyes that are one or two shades darker or lighter. If you are looking for a more drastic change, you should go to a salon for your first coloring. Allow a professional stylist to do the work and help you choose the products you will be able to reapply at home to keep the color even once your hair starts to grow out.

Once you choose the perfect shade of dye, start with the actual preparation:

1. Moisturize your hair.
Use some specialized moisturizing conditioning treatments for at least a week before the procedure. Color will take better to healthy hydrated locks.

2. Perform a strand test.
Dye one strand of hair (choose one from the bottom so you can hide it in case something goes wrong) to make sure that you are satisfied with the color you get.

3. Protect your skin.
Spread some vaseline along your hairline to prevent chemical burns from the dye and avoid coloring your skin.

4. Wash your hair.
Apply dye to clean dry hair to make sure the color is even.

Stage 2: Coloring

Put on an old T-shirt and protective gloves. Now, you are ready to start applying the dye.

1. Brush your hair to remove the tangles and make application easier.

2. Color your hairline first.
As hairline is the most noticeable, you need to make sure you don’t miss a single spot.

3. Color the roots.
Massage the dye into your roots to spread it evenly

4. Color the rest of your hair.
Take a dollop of dye and comb it into your locks. Be sure to cover your hair fully.

5. Final massage.
Once you’ve applied all the dye, massage your hair the final time to make sure the color is evenly spread.

6. Wash and dry.
Read the instructions to determine whether you should use shampoo when washing your hair for the first time after coloring. If you do, use a product designed for colored hair and apply the conditioner or mask included in the package with the dye.
Dry your locks and enjoy your new color. 

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