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A young wonan's chin and sholderDo you know the saying “you are what you eat”? Putting it this way might be a bit extreme, but there is no denying the fact that the food we consume affects us in a great number of ways. It influences both our health and our beauty, so it’s possible to control the state of both with the right diet.

The condition of your skin, in particular, is closely related to your eating habits. A great deal of harmful toxins that affect us get inside our bodies with food, and in many cases they cause acne breakouts, pH imbalance, and other nasty problems that reflect on your looks. Therefore, a comprehensive detox program can be a great help in fighting these conditions.

There are dozens of detox plans and diets you can choose from. Some of them are rather restrictive while others are based on delicious smoothies and fresh fruits. Following a diet like this is hardly a burden, especially during the summer. Do some research and take a look at the popular detox programs, if nothing strikes your fancy from the start, you can develop your own unique plan that will meet all your personal requirements. To do this, you need to remember the basic rules of an effective detox. Today we’ll share these rules with you.

  1. No alcohol.
    You can’t drink any alcohol during a detoxification program as it will dehydrate your body and put your liver under a lot of stress. The liver is a natural filter that should remove the toxins from your body. One of the most important steps in any detox program is to cleanse this particular organ, so you absolutely can’t consume anything that will damage it.
  2. No sugar.
    Include honey and syrups in this rule as well. Sugar is the skin enemy number one and you should avoid it altogether if you want to stay young-looking for as long as possible. It reduces the amount of collagen in your skin, which leads to the appearance of wrinkles and sagging. Your body loses its natural ability to produce collagen when you age, so sugar deals more damage with every passing year.
  3. No caffeine.
    Even if you are a total coffee junkie, you’ll need to abstain from your favorite drink during the detox. Try to cut down on it in general as caffeine can wreak havoc with your hormones.
  4. Colon Healthy CleanserYes to alkaline-forming foods.
    A detox is not only about the things you CAN’T eat. The foods you consume during this time will determine the overall efficiency of your program. The condition of your skin will improve if you eat alkalizing foods, such as kale, cucumbers, pears, parsley, almonds, apples, and lemons. Take a blender and make yourself some delicious smoothies out of them. Adding these foods to your diet on a regular basis will help you retain essential alkaline minerals (magnesium, calcium, potassium).
  5. Yes to raw foods.
    Raw fruits and vegetables should be the basis of any detox diet. They contain more nutrients and fiber, which makes them more efficient for cleansing your body in a safe and gentle way.
  6. Yes to good supplements.
    A detox program must last 1-3 weeks for it to be efficient. It will be difficult to achieve good results during this time with diet alone, especially if you are busy with work and may not be able to follow the strict dietary regulations to the letter. Take additional supplements, such as Colon Healthy Cleanser from Quality Nature. This product will effectively cleanse your colon and normalize your digestive process without harming your body. This is an important item to consider. Many detox programs are so “harsh” that they can actually damage your digestive tract. It’s best to go slow and use specialized supplements as well as a healthy diet to obtain the results you seek.

Remember that no matter which detox program you choose, you won’t be able to see any significant changes to your skin right away. It takes 4-6 weeks for your skin to completely renew itself. Therefore, you need to be consistent with your detox efforts so that the damaged skin of today will eventually be replaced with a healthy layer. 

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