Developing a Skin Care Routine: Why Do you Need All These Products?

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Every girl knows that in order to stay beautiful for many years, one must take good care of her skin. There is a great number of products that can help you with this today. However, using them incorrectly or not using all the necessary ones may compromise their efficiency, so you won’t get the results you expect.

Today we’ll explain how to put together a comprehensive skin care routine that will ensure your skin stays glowing, beautiful, and wrinkle-free for a very long time.

  1. Understand your needs.
    The first thing you need to do is determine your skin type. If you aren’t sure how to do this, look here. This will allow you to understand which products to use and other type-specific details of various cosmetic procedures.
  2. Clean your face.
    Any skin care routine must start with cleaning your face thoroughly. Therefore, you will need a cleanser. The best types are gentle and water-soluble. Stay away from alcohol based products, regardless of your skin type. They can cause irritation and damage the outer layer of your skin. Cleaning your face with this type of product will open up the pores and improve the absorption of creams and serums.
  3. Use a toner.
    A toner is a product that is often overlooked, but you should use it if you really wish for a comprehensive beauty routine. It will soften the skin and remove the remnants of both, dirt and cleanser. Depending on the type of toner you choose, it may aid in repairing the skin or reducing inflammation.
  4. Exfoliate.
    Note that you shouldn’t do this every day as this may irritate your skin too much. Base the frequency of exfoliation on your skin type and personal needs. An exfoliant will remove dead skin cells and enhance the regeneration process, which will make your face look fresh and glowing. We suggest PureLx Perfection Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub as it’s mild but highly efficient.
  5. Use a serum.
    Serums “feed” your skin with important nutrients more efficiently than creams. Use Premium C Serum by PureLx if you want to slow down the process of aging, prevent the appearance of wrinkles, and reduce the ones you might already have.
  6. Apply specialized treatment.
    At this stage, you will need to use the products that address your specific problem. This might be acne, blemishes, or signs of aging. Apply the product that suits your needs and wait a few minutes before you move onto the next step for it to get absorbed properly. If you need to use some special targeted treatments, like Clear Acne &Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Solution by PureLx, do this before applying your skin-specific product. You will have to leave the treatment for a few minutes before moving to the cream in order to achieve the best results.
  7. Moisturize.
    There is no such thing as skin that doesn’t need extra hydration. Therefore, applying a moisturizer is a necessary step in any beauty routine. Keeping your skin hydrated at all times protects it and reduces the risk of acne breakouts and other nasty problems. This even helps slow down the process of aging as a whole.
  8. Protect from the sun.
    You won’t need to do this at night, but applying sunscreen should always be the final step of your morning beauty routine. Protect your skin from UV rays regardless of the season and weather.
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