Don’t Let Years Affect Your Beauty: Top Tips to Look Good at Any Age

A smiling woman with grey hairThere are certain methods that can help you slow down aging. However, as we’re all too aware, this process is impossible to stop completely. Therefore, the best you can is delay the visible signs of aging for as long as possible.

We can help you with that. Take a look at our collection of tips that will have you looking your absolute best for years to come:

  • Work on your posture.
    Have you noticed how the weight of the years literally weighs people down? When we are young, our posture is straight, but with age this is the first thing to go. This happens because of the biochemical changes that take place within your body. Your body stops producing collagen, which reflects on your muscle tone and general health of the connecting tissues. As your muscles get weaker, they lose the ability to support your spine properly, so your posture literally crumbles.
    You can avert this disaster by doing specific exercises designed to keep this particular group of muscles toned. In addition, you will need to make some significant dietary changes. As your body cannot produce collagen anymore, you will need to get it from food and supplements. With your posture straight and your steps light, you will look ten years younger without even trying.
  • Get some pink blush.
    It’s not elasticity that leaves your skin with age but color as well. If you are fond of yellow and brown shades in your blush, you will have no choice but to change your preferences when your skin starts getting pallid. Pink blush will make your cheeks rosy again.
  • Buy age-appropriate makeup products.
    Primers, foundations, and powders with anti-aging effects vary greatly. You need to conduct a thorough research in order to make sure that you get exactly what you need. Always use a suitable primer to fill the pores and tiny wrinkles. Apply liquid foundation over it to create a perfect skin tone. Powders should be avoided as they can settle into fine lines and completely ruin your efforts.
  • Get your teeth whitened.
    Professional teeth whitening will make your smile sparkle. This alone can take a few years off your look. When combined with the right makeup, bold lipstick, and a cool outfit, you can easily get a decade off your actual age.
  • Reshape your eyes.
    The weight of years reflects on your eyes first. If your eyelids start to droop, there is little you can do without a surgery. However, you can create an illusion of eyelift by applying the right kind of makeup. First of all, forget about heavy eyeliner and eye shadows as you need to take the attention away from this part of your face. Draw a thin line along the lashes on your upper eyelid with your favorite kind of liner, but stop a few lashes short from the outer corner of your eye. Repeat the procedure for the lower eyelid, but finish the line this time. This will make it look as if your eye goes up.
  • Don’t forget about your beauty routine.
    Using creams, serums, and tonics to keep your skin healthy and beautiful is important at any age, but it gets progressively more so with every passing year. Even the best anti-aging products can provide the best results only when used consistently for a few weeks. Check out the PureLx online store and choose the products that suit your age and skin type. The products we offer are based on natural ingredients and can slow down the flow of time for your skin if you don’t neglect following the instructions and applying them on a regular basis.
  • Update your hairstyle.
    When you age, you should switch to shorter hairstyles. A face framed by beautifully arranged locks looks younger, and a bangs can effectively cover wrinkles on your forehead.
    If you color your hair, go for natural hues. “Heavy” artificial colors will strip the color from your face and highlight all visible signs of aging.
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