Easy Fixes for 5 Common Makeup Mistakes

Agirl with lots of blush and lipstick

When you are running late, you can’t afford to redo your makeup if you make a mistake. Therefore, you need to know how to fix the mishaps ASAP. The tips we present you today will teach you how to do this.

  1. Poorly blended foundation.
    There is no need to wash your face and redo everything from the start if the foundation doesn’t blend smoothly. Take a damp sponge and blend out all uneven patches. This method also works for removing an excess of foundation. Be careful not to overdo it and don’t forget to blend around your hairline and jaw. Fix the foundation and smooth out any minor imperfections by dusting your face with fine powder.
    How to prevent: This mistake is usually caused by either a lack of skill or low quality of the product. Choose the foundation that is right for your skin type and tone. Practice a few times to learn how to blend it perfectly. If the problem remains, you should switch to a different product.
  2. Smudged lipstick.
    High-quality lipstick can stick to your skin in seconds, so wiping the smudge off won’t be easy. Take a damp cotton swab and put a tiny drop of concealer on it, you can also use a concealer brush if you have one. Cover the smudge with a fine layer of concealer and fix it with powder.
    How to prevent: Use a matter lip liner to prevent the lipstick from “overflowing”. Defining the lines of your lips makes lipstick and gloss application easier. If you have fine lines around your mouth and lipstick “travels” along them, avoid using greasy products, especially glosses.
  3. Clumpy mascara.
    Aways have a clean mascara wand or spoolie brush on hand to deal with any unwanted clumps. Apply a bit of water or silicon-based makeup remover on the wand (depending on whether the mascara is waterproof or not) and move it from the base of your lashes up/down to remove the dried clumps. Be very careful and make sure to use only the tiniest bit of makeup remover.
    How to prevent: This problem occurs when mascara begins to dry out. Therefore, replacing it with a new product is always the best solution. In addition, be careful when applying the mascara and make sure that there isn’t too much product on the wand before you start application. If you want to enhance the volume of your lashes, apply the second layer of mascara in quick strokes before the first one dries.
  4. Concealer stuck in the creases of your skin.
    This problem usually occurs due to the fine lines around the eyes. Smooth out the concealer with your index finger, but be extremely careful not to smudge the rest of your makeup. Fix the product with a thin line of clear fine powder.
    How to prevent: The best prevention method is prepping your skin properly, so be sure to apply a good moisturizer on the area around your eyes before you start applying makeup.
  5. Too much blush.
    This is a very common mistake and dealing with it can be trying as you can make the situation worse if you aren’t careful. First of all, do NOT try to blend the color around your whole cheek. This will only result in nasty rosy patches over a half of your face. Try to remove the excess product by rubbing a clean powder brush (with densely packed hair) in small circular motions. If this doesn’t help enough, use a slightly damp makeup sponge.
    How to prevent: Practice by applying blush until you work out the perfect sequence of motions. Check out this detailed guide to learn how to apply blush like a pro.
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