Everything You Need to Know about BB and CC Creams

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BB and CC creams are gaining popularity all over the world, and quite a few beauty magazines claim them to be “must have” products for every girl. But what are these creams exactly? How do they differ from each other? Do you really need them?

Today we will try to help you answer all these questions and decide whether you should start shopping for a BB or CC cream.

BB Creams: Basic Facts

The first BB cream was developed in Germany, but this type of product quickly gained popularity in Asia and very soon, every major cosmetic company in Korea and Japan started producing various types of BB creams. However, the Asian skincare industry changed the name of the product from original Blemish Balm to Beauty Balm.

The trend was quickly picked up by American companies and soon every major cosmetic brand started producing at least one type of BB cream. The exact formulas for these products vary, but the main characteristics remain similar. BB creams fulfill two purposes. The first is to cover imperfections, and the second is to moisturize your skin.


Note that American and Asian BB creams differ quite a bit. Western formulas are almost identical to tinted moisturizers and can be easily replaced with a product, like Perfection Tinted Moisturizer Sunscreen SPF30 from PureLx. This cream hydrates and protects your skin from damage from the elements and both types of UV rays UV-A and UV-B . At the same time, it masks minor blemishes creating the effect of a medium-coverage foundation. Perfection Tinted Moisturizer doesn’t clog your pores, so it won’t aggravate or trigger a breakout.

Asian BB creams have a higher content of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide a higher level of protection against sun radiation. They are thicker and include skin whitening ingredients. Note that Asian culture favors light skin, so these creams usually leave a white cast on the skin.

Various BB cream formulas include antioxidants and other specialized ingredients to enhance the effect of the cream. There are products that help tighten the pores, normalize oil production, treat acne, hydrate the skin, etc. Check out specifications on the label to know what the cream does exactly.

CC creams: Basic Facts

CC (Color Correct) creams are a variation of BB creams. Their properties are similar to an ordinary liquid foundation. They usually include sunscreen and moisturizing ingredients. Some formulas also include extra skincare and lightening ingredients. The vast majority of Asian CC creams are neutral in color and “adapt” to your skin tone after a few minutes.

Do You Need BB/CC Creams?

All in all, BB and CC creams can replace foundation as well as provide some extra benefits, like hydration and SPF. However, the quality and effects of these products differ greatly, so choose carefully.

Despite all the media hype around these creams, you need to understand that this is not an “all-in-one” kind of product that can replace the cream in your daily beauty routine. BB and CC creams can be a valuable addition to your makeup arsenal, but their “caring” properties aren’t strong enough to have a profound effect on your skin.

However, there are some situations when this kind of product will be a great help. For example, this moisturizer and foundation mix will serve you well at a pool party, at the beach especially if it has SPF30 rating or when you need to apply makeup quickly. You definitely should have BB or CC cream in your gym bag. 

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