External and Internal Beauty Tips for Autumn

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There are quite a few articles in fashion magazines that can make you think every season requires a specialized type of skincare. In a way, it is true, as weather changes affect your skin in different ways. However, you should remember that every person’s reaction to them is unique. In addition, your skin type doesn’t change depending on the calendar, so buying a new set of beauty products every season is a waste of money that can, potentially, harm your skin.

What we are trying to say here is that you really need to adjust your skincare routine to accommodate some weather peculiarities, but its core must remain the same. Therefore, start with considering the seasonal changes in temperature and humidity that come with the appearance of golden autumn leaves. They are the reason that makes your skin dry out faster. This happens regardless of your skin type as it’s a natural physical reaction to bitterly cold wind and dry air. The change progresses as the weather conditions get worse.

Of course, the power of such change won’t turn your oily skin dry, but it can deal quite a bit of damage to your face, which is open to the onslaught of the wind. Girls with naturally dry skin will suffer most, because their originally sensitive face will get even more so. The damage usually shows in the form of overtly dry flaky skin. When the cold gets worse, blood vessels under the thin and vulnerable skin may rupture. This rather unappealing effect may be extremely difficult to get rid of. Therefore, preventing it by providing your skin with an adequate protection against weather should be your first priority.

Girls with oily skin are in a more favorable position during this season as sebum naturally protects their faces from excessive damage. However, an active onslaught of the elements will affect their already malfunctioning sebum glands and may make skin even oilier.

To provide your face with a proper defense against harsh weather conditions, you will need to not only use special kinds of skincare products but also adjust your diet. Don’t forget that your health affects the state of your skin. So, it’s imperative to ensure that your immune system remains strong throughout the autumn months.

Today we’ll share our best fall skincare tips that will help protect your health and beauty:

  • Change your cleanser and body wash.
    In many cases, this will solve all season-related skin problems completely. Replace your gel or foam with a gentler creamy-based product. You can also do the same with your toner and use a lotion in its stead.
  • Stock up on vitamins.
    Fall is the season when you need to start taking extra supplements as there aren’t enough fresh fruits and vegetables to meet your nutritional needs. We suggest Multivitamin Adult Gummies and Vitamin D 5,000 IU by Quality Nature. Both these products are of the highest quality and produced according to the FDA standards. They will provide your body with the essential vitamins that your diet lacks and will help keep it strong and resistant to bacteria and viruses floating around during the next flu outbreak. Externally, you should start using Premium C Serum by PureLx. It will provide the skin of your face with an extra boost of vitamins and antioxidants. Note: In case you got sick and had to take antibiotics, start taking Probiotic Advantage to restore your immune system and build up your body’s natural defenses back.
  • Consider changing your moisturizer.
    Please note that you should take this step only if your skin reacts strongly to weather and becomes too dry. In this case, you should use a “heavier” product than the one you already have. Start using it once a day and watch the changes carefully. If the effect isn’t strong enough, replace your original moisturizer completely. However, be sure to buy a product that matches your skin type.
  • Take good care of your lips.
    There is no avoiding cracked and flaky lips during autumn. To treat this particular problem, you should use a gentle scrub twice a week and ensure that your lips are covered with a protective balm or moisturizing lipstick 24/7.
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