Eyeliner Made Easy

A girl with eyelinerEyeliner is a must have product in your makeup kit. If you apply it right, you can visually change the shape of your eyes and create some truly incredible images for parties. It also works for casual everyday makeup as it can draw attention to your eyes and still allow you to look professional.

The difficult thing is to purchase the type of eyeliner that will work best for you. There are so many of them available that it’s no wonder many girls feel at a loss when trying to find the perfect product. Today we will explain the major differences between various types of eyeliners, so it will be easier for you to choose what you need.

  • Eye pencil.
    This is probably the most popular kind of eyeliner that exists today. It’s absolutely necessary for you to have a couple of them in your makeup arsenal as there are situations when a few strokes of an eye pencil can really make a difference. 
    To make the most of it, you need to learn how to use this particular tool. There are plenty of manuals on the subject and Youtube video lessons you can find online.
    Practice at home so that you can develop the skill needed to apply this kind of eyeliner quickly and efficiently.
    Note that you need to consider softness of the pencil when shopping for this product. Hard pencil eyeliner can bruise the delicate skin around your eye, so be sure to avoid them.
  • Cake liner (dry/wet).
    High quality cake liners are rather easy to use. Their main benefit is the fact that they are really long lasting. Today you can find cake liners available in many colors.
    The trick to applying this particular type of eyeliner is to choose the right brush. You will need to try and put some product between eyelashes to really define your eyes. This feat isn’t possible when you work with an eye pencil.
    There isn’t much difference between dry and wet cake liners. You can try both types and pick the one you like best.
  • Crème liner.
    This is the perfect eyeliner for beginners. Crème liners are easy to use and they guarantee ultra-smooth application, so you won’t need to worry about lumps and other imperfections. High quality products won’t smudge, and they are waterproof by default. This option is NOT right for creating the “smokey eye” look as it will not smudge. 
    Crème is probably the most long-lasting type of eyeliner. This makes it a good choice for office makeup.
    The fact that it’s really “durable” makes crème a great option for parties as well, because you can be sure that your liner won’t smudge when you get sweaty due to dancing.
  • Stick eyeliner.
    Stick eyeliners are a bit harder to apply perfectly than crèmes, but they are also long-lasting and come in smudge stick and non-smudge. Stick eyeliners are so popular that you get a choice of multitude of colors, and some of the products even have glitter in them. You will definitely find many options for creating amazing party makeup with this product. This is also the best type of eyeliner for “smokey eyes”.
  • Liquid eyeliner.
    This type of eyeliner is long-lasting, but applying it can be rather difficult. You will need a lot of practice to learn how to use it right. 
    Be very careful when applying liquid eyeliner as it will sting of you get some in your eye.

Remember, regardless of the type of eyeliner you pick, it’s quality of the product that matters most. If the product is no good, no amount of skill will help you apply it perfectly. The worst thing is that this eyeliner won’t last and can totally ruin your makeup with a single smudge.

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