Foods That Speed Up Aging

Several samples of junk foodsI’m quite certain that most of us already know that the foods we eat affect our bodies on many different levels. However, gaining a few extra pounds isn’t the only consequence of indulging in certain foods. There are foods that will actually make you age faster! Be sure to consider the detrimental and long lasting impacts on your health and appearance before you go ahead and eat some of these products.

1. All foods that are fried and even grilled and broiled.
The crispy bits that are so delicious are loaded with AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products). In fact, common Western diet is full of foods rich in AGEs so it’s almost impossible to avoid them altogether. To make the matters worse, your own body produces AGEs by combining proteins with sugar. These elements weaken your cells and interfere with hormonal balance. 

Though grilling and broiling are healthier options than frying, all of these cooking methods are responsible for producing highest levels of AGEs in the foods consumed and they all should be avoid. Remember, the less processed the food is, the healthier you will be for eating it.

2. Saturated fats.
If your diet is rich in saturated fats, you are at a risk of developing a great number of health problems. Your vessels and skin will suffer the most damage. The former will get clogged and the latter weakened because of the detrimental effects of AGEs. This kind of fats will affect the collagen in your cells. This means that your skin’s elasticity will decrease, which will lead to the appearance of wrinkles.

3. Sugar and candy.
Sugar literally eats the collagen in your body. This makes sweets the most dangerous food for your appearance. It’s extremely difficult to avoid them, because the appeal of delicious candy is almost impossible to resist.
The next time you reach towards a box of chocolates think of how every gram of sugar in it will damage your skin. The negative effect of sweets gets stronger as you grow older.

4. Non-organic milk.
Surprisingly, milk can be extremely dangerous for your skin as it may be rich in growth hormones and other nasty chemicals that are fed to cows. Organic products shouldn’t have this problem if the animals at the farm are fed truly organic fodder.

5. Agave syrup.
If you consider replacing sugar with agave, think again. This syrup is extremely rich in fructose. This isn’t all that bad for your body as a whole as it is a much healthier alternative to white sugar. However, once processed by your liver, fructose becomes an even more efficient destructor of collagen than glucose.

6. Sodas and processed juices.
These drinks are rich in sugar, which means that they will speed up the natural process of collagen degeneration in your body. Fresh juices aren’t as detrimental, but the processed variety is not only packed with sugar but also completely devoid of fiber. Fiber is essential for your skin as it prevents your blood sugar levels from shooting up.

7. Fast foods.
Although the concept of fast food is convenient, the food there has such a profound negative effect on your body that you should avoid the drive-through lanes at all costs. Spend some of your time in the morning to pack a healthy snack and your skin will look much younger in the long run. 

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