Get Rid of Blackheads: A Simple Guide

A girl looking in the mirror Blackheads are a common problem that can be extremely persistent. They occur when wax plugs made of dirt and dead skin cells clog your pores. This can be caused by a great variety of reasons, from hormonal imbalance to insufficient exfoliating.

It might seem that getting rid of blackheads completely is impossible because no matter what you do, they return in a few days. However, if you develop the right kind of skin care routine and use high quality cosmetic products, you will be able to solve this problem permanently. In case it still persists, you should consult a dermatologist and determine the exact reason behind the issue. If it’s caused by hormones, a treatment course in addition to your special anti-blackhead routine will do the trick.

Today we offer you a simple guide that should help you get rid of these nasty imperfections permanently:

  1. Break wax plugs with cleansers.
    Do not squeeze blackheads. Ever! If you do, they may leave scars, which will be much more difficult to remove. If you want to prevent scarring, you will need to “melt” blackheads with chemicals. Use a specialized cleanser to achieve this result. There are plenty of products like this on the market. This kind of cleanser will break down the plug blocking your pores, so it will be able to break free with little damage to your skin.
  2. Use products with salicylic acid.
    Clear Acne & Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Solution from PureLx is one efficient tool in your fight against blackheads. It contains salicylic acid and witch hazel extract, two ingredients that efficiently remove the nasty blockage to your pores. In addition, salicylic acid treats the damaged skin and helps remove the problem permanently. Please note that in order to achieve visible lasting results, you will need to use the product regularly for an extended period of time.
  3. Get yourself a face brush.
    There are some specialized face brushes you can use to clean your pores more thoroughly. Get yourself one of them if after using a specialized cleanser and topical treatment for two weeks you still have blackheads. These brushes have fine soft bristles that will help the cleanser get inside your pores so it can loosen the plugs faster. 
    Please note that if you have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t use the brush more often than once a week.
  4. acne-clear-kit.jpgApply a clay mask.
    Facemasks based on clay are the best helpers in your fight against blackheads. Apply this product once a week to tighten the pores and control the amount of sebum produced by your skin.
  5. Replace your ordinary moisturizer.
    To fight blackheads you need to keep tight control of your skin oil production. Using PureLx Allure Oil Free Moisturizer will help you. This product will provide your skin with essential nutrition without disrupting the pH balance.
  6. Exfoliate on a regular basis.
    This really is the key to removing blackheads and preventing their return. Keep your pores clean at all times and there will be no nasty plugs to block them and ruin the perfection of your skin. PureLx Perfection Cleanser Micro-Dermabrasion Scrub will gently cleanse every pore and nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals at the same time.
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