Getting Vitamin D Without the Sun

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Vitamin D is essential for both your health and beauty. However, it’s difficult for us to get enough of this element, as its primary source is sunlight. Our bodies produce this vitamin when exposed to sunrays, but we all know how harmful this kind of radiation can be, so we take steps to protect ourselves. Sunscreen hinders the ability to generate vitamin D. Even if it didn’t a few weeks of lying on the beach will not provide you with enough of this nutrient to support you through the year. Our bodies don’t retain this vitamin well, so you will need to look for other sources of it.

Today we’ll tell you how you can get vitamin D into your system without increasing the risk of skin cancer by lying out in the sunlight.

  • Through your diet. Vitamin D 5,000 IU
    Despite the fact that we can’t absorb much of the vitamin D contained in foods, you can increase its amount in your body by controlling your diet. Animal foods are the best sources of this element, especially fish, seafood, and meat. If you prefer fish, choose salmon as it has the highest content of vitamin D. Even canned salmon carries some amount of this nutrient. Vegetarians will have a harder time of obtaining vitamin D through their diet, as they will only be able to get it from mushrooms. Milk and eggs also contain this vitamin and you can find specially fortified milk and other similar products on the market today. Consider buying them if you want to avoid taking supplements. Soymilk and tofu treated in this manner can be included in a vegetarian’s diet.
  • Through supplements.
    Dietary supplements are the best source of vitamin D that you can rely on all year round. If you choose a high-quality product, like Vitamin D 5,000 IU by Quality Nature, you can be sure that your body will consume enough of this nutrient to stay healthy. The best thing is that you will get the element you need without risking your health by sun tanning without the protection offered by sunscreen.
  • Through skincare.
    PureLx now offers vitamin D body lotion. Thanks to the exceptionally easy absorption rate of vitamin D3, the Perfection Vitamin D Body Lotion is a great way to help compensate for any low levels of vitamin D due to avoidance of sun exposure. The Cholecalciferol, a form of vitamin D3 in our lotion aids the skin as it regulates moisture and the vital nutrient synthesis help condition and improve the quality of your skin.

Are Tanning Booths Safe?

As our bodies produce vitamin D under the influence of sun radiation, many people believe that spending a few minutes in a tanning booth that pours UV rays all over you will have the same effect. However, this isn’t true, and this method can actually be dangerous.

These booths emit UVA rays, while vitamin D is produced when we are exposed to UVB rays. Therefore, this light cannot replace the actual sunlight. In addition, spending a lot of time under this form of radiation will increase the risk of melanoma and promote photoaging. Don’t forget that we have to avoid direct sunlight for a reason, and replacing it with artificial sources of the same radiation is not a wise thing to do if you want to preserve your health and beauty.

It’s the same for sun tanning through a window as glass stops UVB rays almost completely, but does very little for UV rays. Therefore, spending prolonged periods of time exposed to sunlight through a window will not increase the amount of vitamin D in your bloodstream.

In Conclusion

We need vitamin D to stay beautiful and healthy as this element plays an essential part in many processes that take place inside a human body. However, we don’t get enough of it naturally and obtaining the sufficient amount of this nutrient through food alone is almost impossible. Taking a specialized supplement will solve this problem for you.

However, no matter which method of obtaining vitamin D you choose, don’t forget to wear sunscreen every time you go outside. The dangers of UV radiation shouldn’t be underestimated, and you will need all the protection you can get.

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