Health Tips for Women

A woman in a wheat fieldOxford University, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world, conducted a long-term study of women’s health. The research project started in 1996 with over a million women who agreed to take part in this survey. It lasted for thirteen years and brought some very interesting results. After processing all the data, scientists were able to come up with a list of guidelines that can help women stay healthy and give birth to strong children.

Some of those health tips are:

Maintain oral hygiene.
Your mouth is literary the gateway to your body. The bacteria that breed there will affect the rest of your systems and can cause some serious diseases. This is why it’s imperative to keep your mouth clean at all times.
Regardless of how much you may not like going to the dentist’s office, you have to do this twice a year to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy.
Drinking tea will also help, as both black and green tea possesses some potent anti-bacterial properties.

Have sex about 200 times per year.
This is definitely one of the most pleasant anti-aging treatments. Safe sex is both a good physical workout and an immense boost to your hormones. This kind of release is one of the most efficient ways to prevent a lot of conditions caused by hormonal imbalances.

Watch your vitamin D intake.
Vitamin D is one of the most vital nutrients for your body because you get so little of it. The only way for people to obtain vitamin D in a natural manner is sunbathing. However, this act is dangerous in itself as UV rays can cause skin cancer.
Even if you get a healthy tan, the dose of vitamin D in your body won’t be enough to support you all year round. You can effectively solve this problem by taking some specialized supplements.

Take some folic acid supplements.
This element is essential for women, as it is a huge factor in reducig the risks of many diseases and birth defects. You can boost your level of folic acid by eating some leafy vegetables or taking specialized supplements. Be sure to discuss this matter with your doctor when you decide to get pregnant.

Say no to soda drinks.
Any kind of carbonated drink is potentially dangerous, as it reduces bone density. Women have a higher chance of developing osteoporosis or osteoarthritis due to the fact that their calcium levels will drop severely during pregnancy.

Maintain a healthy weight.
The number of health conditions that are either caused or aggravated by obesity is huge. Women are always at risk of losing control of their weight, as it’s natural for a woman’s body to store fats. This is why losing excess pounds will be more difficult for you, and you should try to avoid gaining them in the first place.

And finally based on this lengthy research, the best age for having children is in your twenties. Giving birth before the age of thirty reduces the risk of developing breast cancer by a high margin. However, children are a great responsibility, so if you don’t feel that you are ready to handle it, you shouldn’t rush yourself.    

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