How Do Anti-Aging Ingredients Work?

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There are so many anti-aging creams on the market today that choosing the right one for you becomes extremely difficult. The best way to find an effective product that will help you remove the visible signs of aging is to study the list of ingredients and choose the cream or serum that contains the ones that truly work.

Most effective anti-aging ingredients are:

  • Vitamin C.
    This vitamin comes in many forms; the one commonly used in beauty products is ascorbic acid. It’s the most beneficial and well-researched anti-aging vitamin that really makes the difference when it comes to skincare. Vitamin C boosts collagen production forcing your body to smooth out wrinkles by making your skin believe it’s younger. It also strengthens your skin on the cellular level and helps get rid of discolorations and blemishes by enhancing the natural repair process.
  • Vitamin B.
    The best form of vitamin B included in anti-aging creams and serums is niacinamide. When you apply it on your skin, this ingredient increases the levels of free fatty acids and ceramides. This helps your skin retain moisture more efficiently and stimulates microcirculation. Vitamin B improves the overall condition of your skin and helps get rid of discolorations as well as prevents collagen from breaking down. Note that ceramides have a potent anti-aging effect regardless of their form. You can obtain these essential elements from specialized supplements and enhance the efficiency of your beauty routine. The best product for this is Phytoceramides by Quality Nature. These elements are so effective because ceramides are the “glue” that keeps skin cells together. They make up 20% of skin and their numbers reduce when we age. Therefore, it’s imperative to infuse your skin with these essential elements in order to keep it smooth.
  • Vitamin E.
    This vitamin is considered to be a superstar among antioxidants. It strengthens cellular membranes and prevents collagen from being destroyed by oxidation. The effect is enhanced when it’s combined with vitamin C, like in Premium C Serum by PureLx. Vitamin E in the ingredients list on the label is usually named tocopheryl or tocopherol.
  • Hyaluronic acid.
    Hydration is the key to skin health, and there is no better moisturizing agent than hyaluronic acid. It’s a type of ingredient that is considered a “skin-identical substance” because it’s identical to the natural structural component that makes our skin retain moisture. Therefore, it’s more efficient than any synthetic moisturizing polymer.
  • Soy protein.
    Soy components are exceptionally potent antioxidants. Therefore, they protect your skin from the damage dealt by free radicals, one of the major causes of aging. These chemicals stimulate collagen production, strengthen skin cells and increase skin elasticity. Some recent research indicates that soy proteins can be effective for treating scars.

We offer you a variety of anti-aging products that contain these ingredients and will help keep your skin smooth and glowing for a very long time. Include Premium C SerumPerfection Eye Cream, and Perfection Anti-Aging Cream in your beauty routine and you’ll see the marks of time disappearing very fast.

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