How to Adjust Your Skincare to Hormonal Changes

A girl touching her cheekAs women, we experience hormonal fluctuations on a regular basis and have no other choice but to learn how to adjust to them. These changes affect the condition of our skin, which adds to our stress, especially when your carefully designed skincare routine suddenly becomes ineffective. Today, we will offer some suggestions on how to adjust the routine, to make up for some of the regular hormonal fluctuations in a woman’s body.

However, we must remind you that every girl is unique, so the way your hormones change during menstruation or ovulation is unique as well. These tips are generalized, so you can use them as a guide, but not the ultimate rulebook for skincare. Try following this advice and note your reactions to the changes. Adjust them based on your body’s reaction to them. If your skin problems are severe, you should consult a professional to develop a routine that will be effective in your particular case.

  • During period: focus on soothing your skin.
    You usually feel “washed out” during the first day of your period because your hormones get really low. This change makes you more susceptible to inflammation, so it’s essential to use products that will help you nip this issue in the bud. A moisturizer based on chamomile, green tea, or feverfew will be the best choice as these ingredients are not only hydrating but anti-inflammatory as well.
  • During period: make your skin glow.
    Prostaglandins, chemicals that put your usual hormone level on the low during the first days of the period, make your skin appear dull. There is no natural way to make it shine with health while they are in your system, but using a foundation or moisturizer with light reflecting particles will effectively solve your problem. Your skin will glow and an artfully applied makeup will ensure that no one notices that anything is amiss with you.
  • A week before ovulation: make the most from your “good days”.
    Have you noticed that there are days when your skin looks stunning without you putting any real effort into it? These are the days when your estrogen level is at its highest, meaning directly before ovulation. Your face will naturally glow with beauty at this time, so you should enjoy yourself and show off your beauty to the world. This period is called “Venus week” and it usually lasts about a week. You should limit your use of makeup during this time and admire yourself as you really are.
  • After ovulation: treatment for your “bad skin” days.
    Everything in life must be in balance, so the week of dazzling beauty is usually followed by a few “bad skin” days. The natural glow leaves you when the level of estrogen in your system is reduced. This is the perfect time to up the ante on your beauty routine to retain some of this glow. Increase the frequency of exfoliation and switch to more emollient creams.
  • Right before period: prevent breakouts.
    The risk of acne breakouts is the highest in the days leading to your period, so you need to take steps to prevent them. There are a variety of methods you can use to keep your skin free of acne. Choose the ones that fit you personally and consider consulting a dermatologist if your condition is severe. Some forms of acne (cystic in particular) require specialized treatment that includes prescription drugs as well as various cosmetic procedures that go way beyond exfoliation and moisturizing.
  • Every day: use the right products for you.
    Ensure your skincare routine meets your personal needs and stick to it. If you struggle with this task, check out our specialized guide that will help you develop the right beauty routine for you.
  • Every day: mind your diet.
    Eating a healthy well-balanced diet will help you reduce hormonal fluctuations, thereby making the “extremes” of your regular changes less noticeable. Taking some specialized beauty supplements might also help you ensure that your skin’s beauty remains consistent.
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