How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

A girl applying makeupThere are but a few occasions when the vast majority of girls get to use the services of professional makeup artists. However, you don’t actually need the help of a pro to make yourself look truly sunning for any party. We will help you learn some of the tricks used by specialists for creating perfect makeup. It should look even more amazing on you when your skin is healthy and glowing with natural beauty. PureLx cosmetic products will ensure this.

Makeup Tips from Pros:

  • “Not to prime is a crime”.
    These are the words of Napoleon Perdis Cosmetics’ CEO and founder. Mr. Perdis believes that primer is the most important makeup product as it ensures that your foundation blends into the skin perfectly and lasts much longer. Using an appropriate primer will also reduce the amount of foundation you will have to apply. This will not only help you use the rather expensive product more economically but will also cut down on the sheer amount of stuff clogging your pores. Girls with oily and acne-prone skin will benefit from this the most, especially if they use specialized primers developed for their skin type.
  • Contour wisely.
    High well-defined cheekbones can create an exquisite aristocratic look that might completely change your image. To achieve it, you will need to use a contouring product that suits your skin tone (it should be about two shades darker) and apply it with a soft fluffy brush. Put it directly under your cheekbone while moving the brush from your hair line to the center of your face. This will spread the product in the most efficient manner with it fading completely by the time it reaches your mouth.
  • Stock up on nude lipstick.
    Nude lipstick is perfect for a neutral and professional office look. However, there are more uses to this product. If you apply a bit of it to your cheekbones, eyelids and temples, and use it to contour your face before covering it with powder and blush, you will be able to create a beautiful luminous look that will make you shine at any party.
  • Choose the right product for your eyebrows.
    Eyebrow pencils might be popular, but they are extremely difficult to work with if you aren’t an experienced makeup pro.
    As your look won’t be complete without perfectly filled eyebrows, you should search for more flexible products. Gels and powders are the best choice, with the latter option being the easiest to use and fix if you make a mess of it on your first try.
  • Reconsider using sponges.
    Foundation can make your look seem artificial, especially when it’s applied with a sponge. There is no arguing the fact that in some cases this kind of makeup is actually more beneficial, especially for photo shoots. However, if you go for a natural look, you should try applying the product with your fingers. Massage the foundation into your skin gently and leave it for a few minutes to absorb. You will be amazed at how fresh your skin looks.
  • Replace your blush with lipstick.
    If you can’t find a perfect shade of blush, but do have a lipstick that suits you perfectly, simply use it instead. A few dots to the apples of your cheeks that you can blend using your fingers will complete your makeup.
  • Consider your expression lines.
    Examine your face carefully and note every expression line and tiny wrinkle. Do not apply makeup to these areas, or use the tiniest bit of it. This will prevent products from falling into these lines and making them more visible.

Note that if you want to look truly beautiful, your skin must be healthy. Therefore, you should make sure that you don’t make any beauty mistakes in your skin care routine. 


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