How to Balance Your Hormones without Drugs

Hormones and scalesHormonal imbalance is one of the major problems in women’s health. There are many reasons that can cause this condition and even more consequences from this imbalance. Estrogen is the hormone that affects our health the most. Unfortunately, this is also the one that gets unbalanced most easily because the world around us is full of xeno-estrogens, artificial chemicals with properties similar to estrogen.

These chemicals attach themselves to your estrogen receptors and make your body believe that you actually have more hormone than needed. This can lead to a great variety of health issues that include migraine, food cravings, acne, bloating, depression, etc.

Main sources of xeno-estrogens are plastic, environmental pollutants, household cleansers, and pesticides. Therefore, they are almost impossible to avoid. If the damage dealt by these nasty chemicals to your body gets too much, your doctor is most likely to prescribe you some hormonal drugs. This can help you balance out the estrogen level in your system, but these meds are toxic and present a serious health risk.

We suggest you start with making some simple lifestyle changes that will help reduce your exposure to xeno-estrogens. See if this will be enough to improve your condition:

  • Throw away your collection of cleaning products.
    Toilet cleansers, washing powders, stain removers, and soaps are loaded with harmful chemicals. They poison you and the environment equally, so the less you use them, the better. Try to make your own household cleansing products by using vinegar, lemon, and baking soda. They may not meet all your cleansing needs, but you will be able to reduce the amount of chemicals you use significantly. If you do have to buy some household cleansers, go for organic products.
  • Say no to plastic containers.
    Plastic is the source of the most dangerous xeno-estrogen bisphenol (BPA). As it’s impossible to avoid plastic completely, you need to make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of your interactions with the material. Store your food in glass containers and use a reusable BPA-free water bottle. When you buy products made of plastic, check if they are labeled “BPA-free”.
  • Choose your tampons carefully.
    Yes, this necessary hygienic product is one of the main sources of nasty xeno-estrogens, because many kinds of tampons are coated with dioxins. Buy only organic products as even those that say only “cotton” on the label might be dangerous because the plants themselves might have been exposed to pesticides.
  • Switch to natural cosmetics.
    Do this right now as skin is our biggest organ and therefore it absorbs most of the dangerous elements.  All PureLx products are free of chemicals that can potentially harm your health, you can make sure of it by studying the list of ingredients on the labels. You need to choose your makeup with the same care.

Reducing the amount of xeno-estrogens in your life is effective, but it’s not enough to restore your hormonal balance. To do this, you will need to neutralize the chemicals that you cannot avoid. You can achieve this goal through your diet if you fill it with natural phyto-estrogens. They will help protect your body from the harmful effects of the environment and maintain your estrogen balance. The foods most rich in them are: alfalfa, soybeans, barley, flaxseeds, olive, safflower, and peanut oils, pomegranates, rye, zucchini, and licorice. 

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