How to Care for Curly Hair

A woman with curly hairCurly hair can be a handful at times, but beautiful bouncy curls are well worth the effort you will need to invest in your locks. If you care for it properly, you will look truly gorgeous without the need to spend hours on styling your hair.

Here is what professionals advise to the lucky owners of curly tresses:

  • Stock up on conditioner.
    Conditioning is the number one priority for girls with curls. This shape prevents hairs from getting a sufficient amount of scalp oils, so they lose moisture quickly. Therefore, it’s up to you to provide your locks with proper hydration, nutrition, and protection. Buy a conditioner designed specifically for curly hair to achieve the best effect.
    If you want your hair to look truly stunning, use deep conditioning treatments twice a month.
  • Fight the frizz.
    It’s almost impossible to eliminate frizz completely when you have curly hair. Therefore, you will need to use mousse or gel when styling. Today, you can find products made specifically to fight the shortcomings of curly locks. Use a hairdryer as seldom as possible. The last thing your tresses need is a blast of hot air that will make the precious moisture evaporate faster.
  • Forget about combs and brushes.
    Ever noticed that when you try to brush your hair it quickly turns into a frizzy mess?
    You should never comb or brush curly locks when they are dry. This will damage your hair and make it completely impossible for you to “tame your mane” without washing again.
  • Get yourself some satin pillowcases.
    If your hair is really-really curly and prone to kinks, you’ve got some extra work to do. Caring for this type of locks is hard because they don’t have the natural protective layer other types of hair do. Conditioning becomes even more important if you have these kind of crazy curls. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase will help reduce knots. This will also protect your hair from the excess of the damage it will inevitably suffer when you rub it on the pillow. Locks of this type are very fragile, so you need to be as gentle as you can be when dealing with them.
  • Get yourself a diffuser.
    You will need to use a diffuser when blow-drying your hair in order to reduce the amount of damage your locks suffer from hot air. Girls with really curly hair should use it at all times, but if your tresses are wavy more than curly, you may go without it.
    Stop blow-drying your locks when they are still about one quarter wet. If you continue pouring more hot air on them, your hair might become frizzier.
  • Consider taking supplements.
    If nothing you do helps get control over your curls, you might have some deeper problems. Various nutrient deficiencies can manifest in the form of fragile and lifeless hair. Naturally curly locks are weaker by default, so the risk is huge.
    Try taking some specialized supplements designed specifically to strengthen hair. However, don’t forget that supplements aren’t monitored by the FDA, so you need to buy these products only from reliable manufacturers.
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