How to Eat and Keep Your Figure: Tricky Diet Tips

A girl with a good shapeCan you imagine how great it would be to eat what you like without gaining any extra weight? This is a dream come true, right?

Today, we’ll share with you some of our secret diet tips that will help you do just that.

  • Plan your diet well.
    The hardest part of dieting is not being able to eat all the delicious things that you really want. Luckily, if you plan your diet correctly, you will be able to indulge yourself. The trick here is to eat everything in moderation. Do not deny yourself your “little weakness” fully, and controlling it will become much easier. For example, if you absolutely love donuts, you need to base you diet on the idea that you will have at least a couple of donuts a week. Count the calories and invest some extra hard effort in your exercising on these days. It’s the idea of not being able to eat what you love at all that is so grating about diets. If you afford yourself this little indulgence, fitting other limitations will become much easier.
  • Control the amount of food.
    Take smaller portions of food in order to enjoy everything you want. Even the “fattest” dishes won’t add centimeters to your waist if you eat very little of them. This way, your taste buds will be satisfied, and your weight won’t suffer at all.
  • Play favorites with your food.
    This is another indulgence trick you should try. Do you want to eat this wonderful piece of cake at the party? Do this, but skip the fries or some other fat-laden dish. In essence, the idea is to pick what you really want to eat most and avoid other foods that are just as fattening in favor of the one you crave most.
  • Choose the dishes you know.
    It’s hardest to control your diet when you eat out. If you aren’t sure in the nutrition value of some new food, stick to the ones you know. You can do some online research and try something new the next time you visit this restaurant. Doing research before you actually go there will solve this problem.
  • Learn to choose your veggie dishes.
    We often go for vegetables as the safest dietary choice, but it’s not always right. Some veggies are sautéed in fats, so they not only lose a lot of their benefits but become almost as fattening as burgers. The really dietary vegetable dishes are either steamed or raw. Either kind can be extremely delicious when cooked right.
  • Avoid fats wherever possible.
    Whenever you go to a restaurant or cook yourself, stick to grilled, boiled, and steamed foods. Avoid sautéing and frying as these methods of cooking fill any kind of “good” food with “bad” fats.
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