How to Fight Frizzy Hair: 5 Best Tips

A girl fighting her frizzy hair.Summer rains are refreshing and nice, but there really isn’t anything nice about frizzy hair. So many of us girls suffer because our hair just won’t behave as it should when humidity level skyrockets.

Today we’ll share with you some helpful anti-frizz tips we managed to glean from various hair pros:

  1. Solve the original problem.
    Frizz is caused by cuticles on your hairs not lying as they should. When they are aligned, humidity cannot do you any harm. However, when your locks are damaged by bleaching, styling or overheating, cuticles move from their natural alignment. This kind of damage makes your hair dry out because moisture escapes through the broken cuticles. Therefore, once the level of humidity rises, your locks try to suck up the precious moisture. 
    You will not be able to prevent frizz if the original problem, which is your damaged hair, isn’t solved. Focus on specialized treatments that will help you restore your tresses to full health and be sure to fix your styling routine to prevent this problem from recurring.
  2. Moisturize all the time.
    Regardless of whether you have frizzy hair now and want to solve this issue or if you want to ensure that it doesn’t occur in the first place, you will need to stock up on some special hair care products. During summer your locks will need a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, specialized hydrating treatment (apply it at least once a week) and a leave-in conditioner that will protect your hair when you go outside. Your main goal is to keep your hair hydrated 24/7.
  3. Switch to cold water.
    When you rinse your locks with cold water, cuticles naturally close, unless they are too damaged to do this. You should always use cool water to wash your hair and make it as cold as you can bear at the very end. This should be an easy thing to do during summer heat.
  4. Learn how to use your hairdryer right.
    The way you use your hairdryer plays a very important part in the placement of cuticles on your hairs. You must always aim hot air down the hair shaft. Switch your dryer to low-intensity and low-heat mode to deal as little damage as possible to your precious locks. If you have long hair, you should style it in sections.
  5. Emergency help: get some hairspray and a toothbrush.
    These two simple items will help you in any emergency when you need t work out the annoying frizz out of your hair quickly. Spray a generous amount of product on the brush and comb down your locks. This simple procedure grants instant effect, so you’ll be able to fix your hair and keep it tamed for a while exactly when you need it.

If the problem is persistent, you should look into purchasing some anti-frizz serums. There are quite a few of them available nowadays, so you should be able to find something that will suit your hair type.

To make sure your locks look beautiful at all times, check out our must know hair care tips.

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