How to Get a Flat Tummy in Time for Summer

A girl's flat tummyA flat tummy sure looks good for a gorgeous bikini look. Don’t worry if you aren’t there yet. With our tips below you can get your stomach back in shape before your first trip to the beach.

To achieve this goal, you’ll need both exercise and diet. However, there will be no starving yourself or working out till you drop at a gym. There are far more pleasant and efficient ways to make your tummy flat and attractive rather quickly. The key to your success in this quest is interval sprinting.

Why Interval Sprinting?

Interval sprinting is a type of exercise that consists of short bursts of all-out intense workouts that are followed by low-intensity exercises. The best sports for interval sprinting are:

  • Running
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Rowing
  • Skipping

Only a half an hour a day of interval training in these particular sports will do wonders for your tummy. To achieve the best results, we advise to go for an 8 second sprint followed by 12 second rest period for about 20 minutes.

Note that this kind of workout can be hard to take at first, and it’s imperative that you ease into it. Listen to your body and stop when you feel that training gets too much. In a few weeks, you should be able to do this kind of workout without problems, even if you’ve been seriously out of shape lately.

The vast majority of girls turn to aerobics when they want to change their body shape quickly. It seems like the logical thing to do, because this particular type of exercises makes all of your muscles work. However, according to the recent studies, aerobics has little effect on tummy fat. You need to know that this is the part of your body that is most difficult to shape and it will take you months to achieve this result in your aerobics class.

Interval sprinting can produce the same kind of effect much faster. In fact, some visible changes should occur within the first two weeks of your interval sprinting training. We suggest you start out with one special training per week and go with an ordinary aerobics workout at least twice more. This will get all your muscles in gear and will transform your body in no time.

There isn’t some specific “perfect” time for exercising, but according to doctors, interval sprint training should be done in the early hours of the morning to be most effective. After you are done with the workout, you’ll need to take a shower and get a good breakfast without sugar. Make sure you don’t eat anything for at least 30 minutes after the workout.

Please note that you should discuss this kind of training regime with your doctor first, especially if you have a chronic condition. You’ll also need to monitor your heart rate at all times to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.

What to Eat for a Flat Tummy?

Your diet plays an essential part in turning your tummy flat as quickly as possible. Here are some suggestions for healthy meals that should help you achieve this goal and feel full and happy at the same time.

  • Breakfast.
    Start your day with some cereal (wheat free) and low-fat milk. If you are more of an egg person, go for poached eggs and some wheat-free bread.
  • Lunch.
    Vegetables and rice cakes are the best choices that will provide you with the energy necessary to get on with your day without any heavy feelings in your stomach. Cheese and ham are also good for this particular meal if you aren’t a vegetarian.
  • Dinner.
    Chinese fried rice, delicious risottos or some sweet potato curry with a serving of lamb are delicious and perfect dinner options. Chew your food carefully and don’t hurry. This way, you won’t overeat.

Throughout the day you can support yourself with small snacks. Of course, with nature awakening, the best snack option available is fresh fruits. Rice crackers and nuts are good choices as well. You can also have a slice of hard cheese if you feel extremely hungry.

Eat your food slowly and in an environment void of any distractions. Don’t allow the stress of everyday life to intrude on you at these times. This will improve your digestion greatly. 

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