How to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Beautiful in Winter

Winter weather can deal a great amount of damage to your hair, so you will need to learn how to care for it properly if you want to keep your locks healthy and beautiful during the cold months. This won’t be an easy task, so you need to take it seriously. Remember, the damage your hair suffers during this time of year can be so extensive that it will be incredibly difficult to heal. Such mistreatment can lead to hair loss.

If you want to avoid this unpleasant scenario, the first thing you should do is to stock up on some special winter hair care products:

A girl in winter

A deeply hydrating mask:
Dehydration is your biggest enemy in winter. Even if your hair doesn’t require any additional hydration at normal times, it does so when the air inside the buildings is dry because of the heaters.
Do not forget to actually use this mask on a regular basis.

Hydrating shampoo+conditioner:
Change your usual kind of shampoo to the one that provides more hydration. You will notice the difference in the state of your locks immediately as they will become more shiny and soft. This additional nourishment will also make your hair easier to style.

Scalp massage creams and soothing shampoos:
Dry scalp can lead to dandruff and other unpleasant conditions. You can prevent them by using a specialized anti-dandruff shampoo once or twice a week. Some specialized scalp massage creams also provide this kind of soothing effect.
Note that massage is an extremely helpful procedure on its own as it improves blood circulation in your scalp.

De-frizzing products:
Health of your hair is important, but so is your appearance. No matter how well you take care of your locks, rainy days will definitely bring out some annoying frizz. Purchase some mild styling products to effectively combat this problem and ensure that you look your best regardless of the weather outside.

Prenatal vitamins:
Regardless of the name, this vitamin complex is useful not only to future mothers. The combination of vitamins and minerals in it is perfect for any highly stressful period of your life, and winter can be considered one of the times when you require extra care.

Apart from filling your hair care products shelf with the most essential winter helpers, you will also need to change your routine in regards to trims and washings. During the cold season, you need to trim your hair more often as this will prevent split ends and will provide your locks with a bit of an extra bounce. There is no arguing the fact that you always look refreshed after a haircut, so you should use this effect to your advantage.

You need to wash your hair less frequently as this will only make it even drier. If you cannot do this for some reason, be sure to purchase the shampoo designed specifically for everyday use. You will need to complement it with a deeply hydrating conditioner and mask.

Have a Complete Makeover

Winter is the perfect time to have a complete change of image. A makeover will allow you to lift your spirits and fight off the depression that is common for this season. Changing your hair color to something a few shades darker will make your locks look healthier. It’s also nice that dark shades require less maintenance.

The best choices are the natural warm brown tones. These hues make your eyes brighter and go well with every skin color. Be sure to apply special color protecting gloss to your hair to preserve the color and make your locks shinier. With this sort of care, you will be able to maintain the “salon look” for a few weeks. 

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