How to Make Your Eyes Look Bright on a Bad Day

A woman making her eyes brightHad a long night with lots of fun? Or worked until the wee hours of the morning? Situations like this happen all the time, and there are a few dozen more similar causes that can make your eyes puffy and unsightly in the morning. As the skin around them is very thin and delicate, it always shows the signs of fatigue.

It’s impossible to avoid being tired from time to time, but it is within your power to conceal it from the rest of the world. We’ll tell you how to do this with a few simple makeup tricks.

  • Moisturize.
    Tired skin needs a boost of hydration in order to restore some color and even out the creases caused by dryness and stress. The first thing you need to do in order to make your eyes look stunning despite the fatigue is to apply a high quality cream that will provide the delicate skin with nutrition and much needed hydration.  PureLx Perfection Eye Cream is a great choice! It will instantly hydrate plus help reduce fine lines around your eyes and remove dark circles under them.
  • Use concealer wisely.
    Many girls make a huge mistake when applying concealer around the eyes. They use too much product, which looks unnatural. The situation gets worse if it gathers in the creases of your skin throughout the day. It’s true that concealer is a must when your eyes look tired and have those ghastly dark circles around them. However, you need to learn how to apply it properly. First of all, take a product that is about two shades lighter than your foundation. Opt for using your hands instead of a brush as the warmth of your body will melt the product and make it easier for you to blend it into your skin so that it looks perfectly natural. The darkest spots are around the inner corner of your eye. In most cases, you will only need to apply a little bit of the product there.
  • Brighten up your eyelids with the right colors.
    A swipe of soft pink and gold eyeshadows over your eyelids will do wonders to brighten your eyes. Don’t overdo it though, because you definitely don’t want to look too glittery and attract more attention than necessary to this part of your face on this particular day.
  • Define your eyes.
    Use some inky black mascara to draw more attention to your lashes. This will highlight your eyes nicely and help you hide the slight puffiness.
  • Play up contrasts.
    Dark vs. light is a classic contrast that makes both colors stand out when they are put against one another. You can use this optical trick to make your eyes seem much brighter by applying some pitch-black eyeliner.
  • Carry around a special kind of eyedrops.
    Talk to your doctor if your eyes get red and itchy often. There are some drops that can solve this problem quickly. They are perfect to use before an important meeting or a photo shoot. This product is supposed to be completely safe, but you shouldn’t take any risks and use it more often than absolutely necessary.
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