How to Protect Your Hair and Skin from Water Damage

A girl swimming in the waterSwimming is a great activity. It keeps you fit, and playing in water is always a lot of fun. However, your skin and hair don’t really enjoy swimming as much as you do. In fact, they can suffer some serious damage from being submerged in water for extended periods of time, especially if its seawater which is packed with salt. Pools aren’t any better in this regard as chlorine and other chemicals used to kill bacteria are also extremely caustic.

Here is our guide on how to avoid the damage and retain your beauty while enjoying yourself while playing in the waves.

  • Scrub your skin clean.
    You need to remove all traces of salt or chemicals from your skin so that they cannot damage it when you are out of the water. Scrubs are the best way to ensure this, but if you swim often, you might deal another kind of damage by using them too frequently. The best way to prevent this problem is to use some mild scrubbing products enriched by nourishing elements that will hydrate your skin, like jojoba or olive oils.
  • Pay special attention to your face.
    The skin of your face is very tender and requires more care. You cannot use a scrub on it every day, so you should use suitable cleansing foam and combine it with a moisturizer. PureLx has great moisturizer to choose from . For acne prone and oily skin your go to moisturizer is Allure Oil Free Moisturizer, because it will effectively hydrate your skin without clogging the pores or creating an unpleasant oily film. For normal to dry PureLx Perfection Anti-Aging Cream is ideal! You also need to use the full set of skin care products every morning and night in order to ensure that your skin is as protected as possible. Do not forget about sunscreen, which is the most important beauty product you need to apply during summer. You should also apply a hydrating facemask at least twice a week. This will give the fine skin of your face some extra protection.
  • Nourish your locks.
    Your hair suffers most damage during summer because it’s affected by UV rays as well as water. When these two factors combine, the damage increases exponentially. Therefore, it’s imperative to apply a special kind of hair spray with high SPF factor before you go outside. You will need to reapply it frequently when you are at a beach. To restore your locks and ensure they remain beautiful and shining, you need to buy mild shampoo suitable for everyday use and apply nourishing mask one or two times a week. Choose the products that contain oils or prepare an egg-based mask yourself.
  • Get protection from within.
    Your diet affects your overall wellbeing, so you can actually increase your body’s resistance to water damage by consuming certain foods. The most important elements that will help you with this mission are omega fatty acids and collagen. You can get them by eating whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, fatty fish (salmon, sardines, etc.), seeds, and nuts. If you notice that your hair and nails are brittle, dull, weak, or otherwise damaged, you should also consider taking some additional supplements as they obviously suffer from some kind of deficiency. 
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