How to Treat Dry Hands

Dry skin of your hands can be a difficult problem to solve. This is a serious matter as your hands often show your true age more clearly than your face, and dry skin always looks “aged”. In addition to this, this condition can get so bad that it will become painful. Today we offer you some tips that will help you keep your hands hydrated and protected.
  • Use physical protection.
    Gloves are really handy tools if you want to keep your skin smooth, soft, and healthy. Wearing them as an accessory is going back into fashion these days, so you can keep your hands protected when going out in public, without looking out of place.
    Regardless of whether you plan to make gloves a part of your wardrobe, you need to wear a protective variety every time you perform any kind of physical labor. Wearing them while cleaning anything is especially important as you will need protection from chemicals and water.
    If you don’t feel comfortable washing dishes or hand-washing your clothes wearing rubber gloves, buy latex ones as they are thin and don’t hinder your movements. If you are allergic to latex, consult your pharmacist about where to buy affordable non-latex gloves. Today you can find many kinds of them.
  • Moisturize all the time.
    Hand creams aren’t like face creams, so you can reapply them as often as necessary during the day. Whenever you feel discomfort, hydrate your skin with the product that works best for you. Note that the product you use doesn’t have to be labeled “hand cream”. Any emollient moisturizer will do. You will need to use “heavier” products during winter as the cold winds and dry air from the heaters are exceptionally hard on your hands.
  • Buy a cortisone cream.
    An over-the-counter cortisone cream will be extremely useful to have in your arsenal if you suffer from a severe case of dry hands. Note that you shouldn’t use it too often as these products can turn harmful if you overindulge in them. If your hands start developing nasty looking cracks and fissures, apply a cortisone cream every other day before your night hand cream.
  • Consider buying moisture-infused gloves.
    These gloves will be extremely helpful if your skin is extremely dry and thin. Do your research as there are quite a few companies offering them and each formula is unique. You need to study the list of ingredients carefully (pay attention to the composition of the fabric as well) to make sure that all of them are safe and won’t cause an allergy.
  • Give some love to your cuticles.
    Dry hands usually mean dry cuticles. This particular condition affects the look of your manicure, and cause painful sores around your nails. Applying cuticle oil regularly as well as using specialized cuticle balms will help you avoid these problems.

Following these instructions should help you keep your hands moisturized and protected from the nasty effects of the environment and oxidation. You can also check out our simple guide to manicure in order to learn how to make your hands truly beautiful and keep them in this condition without spending a fortune in salons.

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