Keep Your Mind Sharp for Years to Come

A smiling older womanAging is a natural process that cannot be avoided, but this doesn’t mean that you have to allow it to affect you. Nowadays, you have the power to retain your natural beauty and good health for many, many years if you take proper care of your body. Numerous cosmetic products will reduce the visible signs of aging, and regular checkups and preventative treatments will ensure that you don’t experience any serious medical problems. However, there is one thing that often goes overlooked – the mind.

The mind is the one area that people rarely pay enough attention to, unless it is too late. Mental deteriorations of some sort is an inseparable part of the aging process, so you must fight it as expertly as you fight to keep the wrinkles off your face. “Strengthening” your brain can reduce, if not completely prevent, several age-related mental conditions, including dementia.

The following guidelines will outline how to keep your mind sharp at all times. Remember, the sooner you start caring for your brain, the bigger your chance to enjoy your life to the fullest is, even after you celebrate your 100th birthday.

Exercise your brain.
Like the rest of your body, your brain can become rusty when unused. The best thing about exercising your mind is that you can do this through games. Chess, bridge, poker, puzzles, and even scrabble are activities that will keep your mental powers sharp and focused. Remember, your brain never truly rests, so the best you can do to ensure it remains strong and capable is to make sure that it spends the energy in a productive manner.

Find some stress relief.
A woman meditating in the living roomThe biggest enemy of your mind is stress. It weakens your body and strongly affects memory. It’s imperative to manage your stress levels wisely. If you cannot find a way to do this because you are pressured both at work and home, you need to give yourself a chance to fully relax. Go away for a weekend and get your thoughts in order. You will be surprised at how much clearer your mind is after you allow it to rest and reboot.

Meditation is another wonderful way that will help you relax if you cannot get away for a few days. Just find some quiet space to meditate in order to relax your mind. In fact, find a meditating routine that works for you as meditation literally rewires the brain and improves its functions.

Sleep well.
Insomnia is your second worst enemy. Your system requires no less than seven hours of sleep to function properly. It is your duty to allow yourself this rest if you don’t want to be betrayed by your own body.

Stock up on omega 3 fatty acids.
Omega 3 fats are literally “food for your brain.” You need to include them into your diet through both food (salmon or chia seeds are an excellent source of Omega 3 fats) and supplements.
Today’s food is extremely rich in omega 6 fats, which upsets the natural omega 6 to omega 3 balance and weakens your body to make it more prone to infections. The imbalance is so huge that one cannot offset it by making a few dietary changes. This is why your best chance to remain healthy and strong is to stock up on fish oil supplements.

Dance, dance, dance!
Dancing is not only a cure for the soul; it will also keep both your body and mind fit. Learning new moves is a great exercise for your brain. Dancing also trains your coordination and flexibility, making your every move graceful and truly beautiful.

Enjoy long walks.
Breathing fresh air increases the flow of oxygen to your brain, and makes it sharper and stronger. If you feel the clutches of depression creeping in on you or have any trouble with making decisions at work, take a short break and go breathe in some air. Your mind will clear up in minutes and you will feel recharged. 

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