Layer Your Skin Products the Right Way

A girl applying a skin care productUs girls use all kinds of creams, serums, and other products to make our skin beautiful. There is no doubt that all those things are effective. However, did you know that you might be unconsciously sabotaging the efficacy of your products?

The trick to getting the best results from your beauty routine lies in layering. Applying the products in the right order and areas can really change the look of your skin. This is especially important for spot treating various imperfections.

Even without some localized problem, like a pimple, you need to understand that different areas of your face require different treatment. Layering the products in the right way will help you provide optimum nutrition to your skin and achieve a truly stunning look.

Today we’ll share some simple layering tips:

  • Move from thin to thick.
    You should always apply the thinnest product first. In most cases, this will be a toner or serum. Then, you can move on to your moisturizer or other cream. If you use oils, they need to be applied in between the serum and cream.
  • Learn to spot-treat.
    PureLx offers a wide range of spot treatment products that will help you heal and hide small imperfections, like Clear Ace & Anti-Blemish Spot Treatment Solution and Perfection Spot Eraser Gel. It’s easy to understand how to use them as you simply need to apply the product over the imperfection that bothers you. However, you should also use the same approach when dealing with other beauty treatments. The exact areas and types of products you need to use depend on your skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, you should apply more specialized products on your T-zone while putting some lighter creams or serum on your cheeks.
  • Let the layers dry.
    This is the most important thing when it comes to layering. You need to give your skin the time necessary to absorb every product properly. As you use more beauty treatments before going to bed, you should arrange your routine in an efficient manner. For example, apply the first product before you start preparing for bed, the next after you change to your pajamas, the next one after you brush your teeth, and so on.
  • Apply sunscreen last.
    Regardless of how many steps your morning beauty routine consists of, its last step should be applying sunscreen. Use this product after your moisturizer dries thoroughly.
  • Eye cream before moisturizing.
    You should always apply eye cream directly before the moisturizer. Be very gentle when you do this.

Layering allows every product to benefit you to its full potential. You’ll need to be patient to achieve the best results, and you might even need to rearrange your routine to make the time necessary for the products to soak into your skin. However, this will definitely be a well-invested effort.

Changing your skincare routine in this way will allow you to see the positive effects right away. Eventually, you will learn which products offer the best results and will develop your own unique layering pattern. Note that you shouldn’t get stuck in it as sometimes your skin will require application of different products. Hormonal changes that girls experience on a regular basis make slight changes in their skin constitution. Layering will allow you to address these issues immediately, so you’ll always look your best.

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