Makeup Tips: Applying Blush

A woman powdering her cheeks

Applying blush is an intricate form of art that can make or break your makeup. If you mess up with the blush, your whole image will be ruined, and undoing the damage will not be easy. The tips we offer you today should help you avoid such unfortunate accidents.

  • Choose the right color.
    If you have only one color of blush, you are in desperate need of a shopping trip. Different outfits, different seasons, and different occasions require suitable tones of blush. You’ll need something neutral; close to a soft shade of peach, for everyday office makeup, and something with more rose to it for parties and clubs. The color of blush for formal events needs to be coordinated with your dress. It’s best to have a blush palette you can experiment with so that you will always have the perfect shade for every occasion.
  • Forget about “smile-as-you-apply” technique.
    While there is no arguing the fact that this technique works in SOME cases, it definitely doesn’t fall into the “one-fits-all” category. The problem here is the fact that in many cases, our cheeks rise too far up for this application method to work. When you apply blush with your face in this position, it “slides” too close to your mouth when you stop smiling. Therefore, it’s best to apply the product on the upper cheek area with your face relaxed as it will be for the majority of the day. This little change can make a real difference for your overall makeup.PureLx Allure Oil Free Moisturizer
  • Get a radiant look.
    Adding a bit of glow can go a long way towards changing your makeup from ordinary to outstanding. To get the best look, moisturize your skin thoroughly before applying any products. We suggest PureLx Allure Oil Free Moisturizer to provide your skin with hydration and protection for the day. Next, apply your blush as you usually do. Finally, add a touch of highlighting product (powder or liquid) to your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and the bridge of your nose.
  • Remove the excess blush.
    It’s very easy to apply a touch too much blush. You’ll need to be very careful when undoing this little mishap as you can easily make the situation worse. Take a clean brush with a bit of skin-tone blush to tone down the intensity of the blush currently on your cheeks. If it seems like this wouldn’t be enough, use your foundation sponge which has leftover product on it and smooth out the blush. 
    To avoid this problem altogether, use the right kind of brush for applying the blush. Suitable brushes distribute the color evenly and build it up slowly, so you always know when to stop.
  • “Lift” your face with a touch of blush and bronzer.
    “Sculpting” your face isn’t as difficult as it may seem. The simplest “lifting” application technique is to apply a little bit of matte neutral-colored bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks and then add a little blush to the upper cheeks. You can enhance the radiance of your skin with a touch of highlighter.

Follow these simple instructions and you won’t have any problems with your blush application techniques. To see more makeup tips, go here

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