Makeup Tips: Applying Makeup for a Big Event

A woman with a lipstick and two brushes near her face

Do you have a party or a photo shoot planned and want to look your best? We selected a few choice tips from professional makeup artists that will help you create an absolutely stunning image.

  1. Give yourself time to prepare.
    Perfect makeup can’t be rushed, so you will need to plan your day accordingly. Professionals advise giving your makeup about an hour to ‘settle in’ so that any imperfections become visible. Take a few photos of yourself with a phone (both with and without flash) to see which spots need touching up.
  2. Hydrate your body in advance.
    Any makeup will look better when applied on skin glowing with natural beauty. In order to give yourself this ‘perfect base’, you shouldn’t do any heavy drinking or eat any foods rich in fats the night before. It’s best to exfoliate your skin and apply a moisturizing mask in the morning. However, don’t do this right before applying makeup as this may result in irritation and redness. Drink lots of water throughout the day.
  3. Tactical concealer application.
    Apply concealer sparingly in order to prevent ‘washed out’ effect. If you are going to have your pictures taken, be sure to put a little bit of product on the darkest places inside the corners of your brow bone. If you do this, you will need just a few small touches of concealer under the eyes, around the nose and around the corners of your mouth. Pat the product on with your finger, sponge, or brush.
  4. Triple-curl your lashes.
    To make your lashes look dashing, curl them starting from the tips. 10 pumps for the tips, 10 pumps for the middle, and 10 for the roots. If you curl your lashes in this order, the curl will last longer. Don’t apply any mascara until the very end to prevent ‘polluting’ it with shimmer and powder.
  5. Use brow powder.
    Choose a brow powder and/or pencil about two shades lighter and fill in the eyebrows with it at the top of the peak. Powder is less intense than pencil and looks more natural as it melts into the skin.
  6. Don’t use too much eye shadow.
    Even if you want to apply some brightly-colored products and go to an event that will include flash camera pictures, you shouldn’t overdo it with eye shadows. It’s best to apply the color close to the lashline and leave the lid neutral. To make the color last, dab your lid with a concealer or moisturizer. Avoid zinc-based eye shadows as they can look ‘chalky’ under flash.
  7. Eyeliner.
    Use an angled brush to draw a thin black line right along your lashes. This will make the lashes look longer without creating an ‘artificial’ look often associated with heavy eye pencil lines.
  8. Highlighter.
    Use cream highlighter when you need to impress and pose for photos as it will ‘become one’ with your skin, creating a natural glow. Apply it at the tops of your cheekbones, above the brows, down your nose, on the very top of your cupid’s bow, and a touch on your chin. You can also use it on your neck, collarbone, and shoulders if you are wearing an open dress. Even the tops of your ears will benefit from a touch of highlighter if your hairstyle leaves them open.
  9. Blush.
    Use a matter or satin blush, taupe is the perfect color for the majority of women, and apply it all over your face. Use the product sparingly. Then, put a bit of light pink blush under the highlighter on the apples of your cheeks.
  10. Make your lips perfect.
    Even the tiniest imperfection on your lips will stand out vividly on the pictures. Therefore, be sure to exfoliate your lips before you start applying makeup. You can use Aquaphor and a baby toothbrush. Next, smile and apply a thin layer of concealer. Smiling is a must as this way, the product will fill in all the tiny wrinkles. Next, apply your lipstick. Dab the lips with a paper napkin, and apply another layer. Finish up with a touch of lip gloss.
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