Natural Remedies for Sunburn

A woman with a sunburnt backEven if you apply sunscreen diligently, the risk of getting sunburn is very high when you are having fun outdoors. This is a highly unpleasant situation because sunburn is plain nasty and you definitely need to treat it quickly. We’ll share some natural treatment recipes that will soothe your skin and prevent it from peeling.

  • Potato paste.
    Did you know that fresh potatoes are a great pain-reliever? They can be used to soothe bites and scratches and a potato paste you can make within a few seconds by using your blender will do wonders for sunburnt skin. If the paste turns out too dry, add a little bit of water into it. Then, soak some gauze in the paste and put it over the damaged area.
  • Baking soda.
    This particular product is perfect for severe sunburns, or any burns for that matter. Mix some baking soda with water and make a cream-like paste. Apply it over the damaged area and leave it there until the pain lets up a bit. Note that the unpleasant feeling might get worse at first, but the sting should go away in a few moments.
  • Milk.
    A cool milk compress is one of the most efficient and quick ways to treat sunburn. You only need to soak a piece of cloth in milk and cover the damaged skin with it. The soothing effect will be immediate and your skin will definitely thank you for the extra nourishment. This method is the most efficient for peeling prevention.
  • Mint tea.
    The cooling effect of mint is well-known to everyone. The great thing about this herb is that it works equally well when applied topically as it does when you actually drink the tea. To prepare a soothing mint cure you’ll need a quart of water, 5 green tea bags, and about 3 cups of fresh mint leaves. Bring the water to boil and pour it into a pan with tea bags and leaves. Cover it with a lid and let the mixture sit for an hour. Next, strain and chill the liquid. When it cools enough, soak up a few cotton balls in the pleasant-smelling concoction and apply them directly to the burnt areas.
  • Aloe.
    This is one of the most incredible plants due to its exceptional healing properties. You definitely need to have some aloe or at the very least aloe-gel in your house. If you have the actual plant, cut a few leaves, mash them into a paste, and smear it over the burnt area. If the area you need to cover is big, it may be better to buy an aloe-based gel from a drug store. This product will not only soothe and heal the burn, but will also hydrate your skin and reduce the risk of peeling.
  • Apple cider vinegar.
    This is another great healing product that most people have in their kitchens. You can apply the vinegar to the affected area via a spray (if you have a suitable spray bottle) or by soaking some cotton balls in it. The important thing is to use unfiltered apple cider vinegar as it’s the most effective.

Although there are plenty of methods to treat sunburns, and even more cosmetic products that can help you with this, the best thing to do is to prevent this damage altogether. In order to do this, you need to use sunscreen, and you need to do this correctly. There are many important things to know about sunscreen, and you should do some research in order to learn how to use it to properly protect your skin.

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