Need a Change? Start with Your Hair

Long, straight hair has its merits. This is why this particular kind of haircut is so extremely popular. However, in many cases, it limits and takes away from your appearance instead of enhancing and adding to it. A good haircut can truly transform a woman leaving her younger, fresher and more attractive.

People grow accustomed to their haircuts, to the point where they start unconsciously seeing their hair as a security blanket. This may sound strange, but once you think about it, you will realize that a haircut has the power to change your appearance most of all. This means that on a subconscious level, you associate your whole personal image with your hairstyle. This is why people often get new haircuts when they go through some traumatizing experiences.

A barber cutting a girl's hair

However, it doesn’t mean that a hairstyle change should only happen when you are trying to get over some personal drama. Cutting your locks or changing up your style is the easiest and most efficient way to make you look younger. With the right color and cut, you might be able to take decades off your appearance with a simple haircut.

The “anti-aging effect” isn’t the only benefit of getting rid of your ponytail. Long hair is heavy, which often contributes to headaches. It also gives you an excuse not to do your best when preparing for the day. Just remember how many times you’ve skipped styling your hair to put it up in a bun and run to work. It does help cut down the “beauty time” in the mornings. It could also make you look unkempt, as even the most perfect makeup could go unnoticed because of a plain hairstyle.

Many women don’t want to cut their locks even to mid-lengths or get a certain cut because they are afraid that styling every morning will take too much time. However, if your haircut is indeed good, right for your face, and done by a qualified professional, you will be able to make it look fresh and perfect with little effort and a bit of gel or mousse.

Things to Consider Before the Big Change

If you’ve finally gathered the courage to make a truly dramatic change, you need to be sure that you don’t regret it afterwards, as this will deal a serious blow to your confidence. Here is how you should prepare for the “big event”:

Conduct some research.
You need to find some pictures of people with facial features similar to yours in order to get some idea of what you want. Take these photos with you and discuss these things with your hairdresser.

Choose a style that works for you.
Different face shapes require different cuts. Of course, you can get any kind of hairstyle you like, but some of them might be rather unflattering on people with your facial features. The most common guidelines you should base your choice on are:

- Round faces can be visually elongated with layers and angular cuts. A perfect length for this type of appearance is a bit below the chin.

- Heart-shaped faces look best with mid-to-long hairstyles, as they visually soften the features.

- Ladies with oval faces will benefit from a fringe.

Choose the right color.
In order to do this, you need to consider both your natural coloring and your face shape. The color you choose mustn’t clash with your skin tone. If you don’t feel confident in your ability to make the right decision on this matter, consult a qualified professional.
As for face shapes, women with round and wide faces should opt for lighter colors, as they will provide a “slimming” effect. Ladies with small faces will look even more beautiful with rich, deep colors; such as black, dark brown, or platinum blond. 

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