From Office to a Night Out: Makeup Tips

A girl doing makeup in the officeDo you have a great evening planned with your friends, but your work is so hectic, you can’t leave early to get ready? Don’t panic! Using our simple tips will allow you to freshen up and get an “evening” look in a few moments. So, you’ll be able to shine at a party right after leaving your office.

1. Lay a good foundation.
If this isn’t a spontaneous outing, you need to start your preparations in the morning. Applying the foundation is the most essential step for this kind of makeup as it must last for a whole day and still look amazing in the evening. The first thing to do is to apply a bit of primer that suits your skin type. It will even out the color and texture of your skin and allow foundation to “stick”. Finish up by putting some translucent mineral powder atop the foundation.
To freshen up your look in the evening you will need to touch any “problem areas” with a concealer. Then, apply another layer of translucent powder to remove the oily shine and add a bit of bronzer for some healthy glow.

2. Transform your hair.
To switch your hair from professional to party mode you will need to apply some texture spray on it in the morning while your hair is still wet. It will make your locks “remember” the shape you give them.
Then, you need to pull your hair into a loose braid and carefully coil it into a tidy bun.
Once you are done with your work for the day, set your hair loose, run your fingers through it, and you’ll have beautiful wavy hairstyle fit for a night at your favorite spot.

3. Brighten up your look with some lipstick.
Some neutral colored lipstick is good for the office but definitely not for a night outing. Take a bright colored lipstick and with a few simple moves you will see how it completely transforms your professional look.

4. Smoky eyes in a minute.
Apply the taupe base from a smoky eye shadow kit in the morning. It is suitable for a day in the office and will cut down the amount of time you’ll need to apply makeup in the evening.
When you are ready to go, draw a line along your upper eyelid with dark charcoal eye shadow. Put a bit of lighter eye shadow in the middle of your eyelid. Finally, add some eyeliner and mascara.
Now you are almost ready to go.

5. Add some perfume.
You need to consider your choice of fragrance in the morning carefully as you will have to layer your evening perfume atop it.
If you can, avoid wearing any perfume, or at least choose a single note fragrance that will not clash with the one you want to use in the evening.

Some other essential tools you might need to create a party look while still in your office are:

  • Nail polish remover pads.
    A chipped nail can ruin any girl’s mood, especially before a party. Trying to fix the problem by reapplying nail polish will be time-consuming and the result can actually look worse.
    Don’t get upset, choose to look natural instead. Remove nail polish quickly and use some moisturizing hand cream to revitalize your skin.
  • Dry shampoo.
    Be sure to test the shampoo beforehand so that you know how much of it you will need to add some volume to your hair. Apply a little of the product to the roots of your hair and massage it in gently. The shampoo should remove the oily residue and make your locks look fresh and clean. 
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