Oils for Skin: Are They Good?

A woman pouring oil on her hand

There is so much hype about face oils in the beauty industry today that many girls get interested in the idea of adding these products to their beauty routine. But is this really a good decision? Today we’ll try to help you understand whether face oils are, indeed, a good product for you by explaining what they are actually capable of doing.

First of all, you need to understand that a fancy “face oil” is not different from any other non-fragrant oil you can buy in the nearest store. The main difference lies in the plant from which the oil is derived, but even this isn’t a particularly important factor. All plant-based, non-fragrant oils are good for you. They differ in the present amount of particular elements, like antioxidants or fatty acids, but all of them are generally beneficial for your skin. Therefore, a bottle of fancy argan oil cannot make your skin more beautiful than grape or flaxseed oil can. It does sound more special, though, and costs much more than “regular” oils.

Things Face Oils Can Do

The most important benefit you get from applying oil on your face is a boost of hydration. Therefore, if you have dry flaky skin, this product can really come in handy. In this case, oils should be used during the winter when skin gets extra dry due to cold winds.

On the other hand, girls with oily and combination skin simply don’t need that much hydration. Therefore, these products are completely useless for them. Applying any kind of oil on oily skin is only detrimental to its overall condition. You can get away with it if you have combination skin and the dry areas on your face are flaky. However, it’s very difficult to apply oils topically as they are too slick.

Things Face Oils Cannot Do

Although they do provide a huge hydration boost and can supply your skin with a fair amount of essential fatty acids, face oils cannot replace “comprehensive” skincare products, like creams and serums. Skin is a complex organ, and any affliction that affects it is a complex problem that must be treated on different levels. Oils are a “one note” product that addresses only one problem, namely a lack of hydration. However, they are so limited in their efficiency that they cannot replace an efficient cosmetic moisturizer, which consists of a combination of potent ingredients.

Considering these facts, you shouldn’t believe the ads that claim some kind of face oil to be a miracle cure for acne or a super anti-aging product. There is no doubt that some oils can aid in combating skin conditions due to their high content of antioxidants and fatty acids. However, they must be incorporated in a comprehensive treatment routine, as no oil is efficient enough to be a good standalone beauty product.

We suggest you use oils after exfoliation and before applying your sunscreen if you have very dry skin and want to add an extra layer of hydrating protection. Be sure to use non-fragrant plant oils only, as fragrant products can cause irritation and actually make your skin more vulnerable to sun damage.

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